Making Big Money

There have been 2 times in my life in 2 business with 2 ex wives that I made a six figure income for a period of about 8 years.

How much of it did I keep? Zero, of course. The only reason I was going that high was due to my families. Once they were gone, my wealth desire flew with them.

If you ask me how much I need/want: to pay my existing bills. With appraisal, that was no longer possible.

That I meet Jay is something that may have been foretold by a Mystic, but for sure, I had no idea.

Just being smart is no longer important: you need a vehicle that will take you to where you are aiming.

Learn from the “Colonel,” the SS check our generation and younger will get if we get anything is taken by the 60’s being the new 40's.

It was made for us to die very soon after retirement. We are living longer for reasons people make up. In the end, your “Here” because you are “Here.” The rest we can leave to faith, not truth. We all have our own truths.

Don’t plan your whole way, just steps that will lead you places. I am fairly sure the last step is your demise.

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