Many Shot Dead in El Paso, Texas today

This happened this morning and I am just getting to the Clinton Network. News has been here for a while. It takes me a few seconds to recover from more killings.

Soap Box Derby.. yes.. as a young We Blow.. I made a car out of bolsa wood and you race against other We Blowvinians. I did not win. I never made it to be a Boy Scout, as well. I was a Cub Scout. That just lead me to blowing young Weebs. At least I don’t fuck with Boy Scouts. That is much worse. Please forget you were part of the Magnificent 41, the number of people what follows.

I am counting on all 41 of you to keep your mouths shut. Someone at my rant beginnings a few years.. ago.. see the energy increase there would be an up arrow as I held soup cans at the LRH Observatory. This was before it became a Tax Excempt Fake Church.

There can be only one reason why wealthy people can dump millions of dollars and totally write it off can mean butt one mean ting:

Fair Game.

It is time to begin the take down process. Think thee that I just kiss the ground. I had not done that save one time in 1978. For my Poland and Russia Concert Tour for the Cinn. City Chamber Choir. When I came home.. I kissed the ground at Kennedy Airport in New York.

L. Ron Hubbard founded Scientology about 1950. He was a Science Fiction writer in the 1930’s. He died within one year of my visit where having a fathuh in the IRS.. made them sour on me as they were not yet Tax Free.

David Miscavige was a the right place at the rite time. I would think LRH would want control to go to his family for money.. David took them into Nevah Land. He now leads the life of the Rich and Famous and there can be only Fair Game that could have stopped them. The IRS and other Companies use this type of force.. only no where near where LRH went to. This meant only one thing:

To play a Fair Game on someone, you must totally take their lives down, personally and professionally. You must use anything you find and all the money you have to make sure that they leave you sit… for life. They did the Fair Game on anyone who probes them. It is Trumpian with less people. No religion has a Fair Game to ruin the lives of anyone who wants to know who you are. In this way, you are in control of any situation. For you common folk: head my warning: they Fair Gamed Werner Erhard and he said he: just retired. He was about to be destroyed by the 60 Minutes Interview which was a Take Down due to Werner having been a Scientologist before the Forum.

The cost of the Werner take down is not measurable in money or time. It is in lonelyville, Wisconsin. For me to even have one friend for the rest of my life, because of the 40 now plus years of being dicked again, I would love to have an equal.. much like a Marianne Williamson. If is such a stinky word as it means when and if. When Werner sold to his Forum Leaders, they did not get the 6 Day or MOE. This means: only people who came before can get to Williamson level. I am so sad and all alone, but for a breathy brew hound.

I had no intention to blame. It was to allow me to survive only. To thrive is not possible. If this lowest unemployment is under Evil Management, how will I just survive until the end of his term. I know God is laughing his ass of about how much pain I am in as it is not physical, it is only mental pain. They have not gotten a cure for my affliction yet.

Twitch, Twitch.

Leave us flip back to El Paso today. I saw that at least 15 are dead in a Walmart in Texas. There were about 100 employees there. Since it was a Saturday Morning with the new school year starting next month.. it must have been a large crowd. I hear that it was a single shooter who surrendered without incident.

Now, you may not go to Walmart without being target practice. So good that they can either load up at the Walmart Gun Department.. or chuck the shooter a few rounds. I am joking at a horrible thing and I know why.

God wanted me to show you how broad and diverse these killings are happening. Children have been killed and this is now a common thing.

9/11 has taken us into where we are today.

All roads lead to Rome, sorry Trumpetville.

Where too from here? I know Donny will lie to the crowds at the Trumpetta Private Parties he has had all of the time.

I do not understand why Obama could not lie even one time. Trump has not told truth ever in his life. People will die for Donaldo as they make me look like Albert Einstein… another Jew. I feel like Adam Sandler.

Chanukah, so hock a lungey dummy Kyke.

Chanukah, so fuck the mic ro phone.

Spin that draidel up your ass, then kiss the center hole, you pass.

At the end, if you are with someone under 15, you may shoot your aching load where it happens to fly.

I want to fly like an Algilay.. till I’m free. Fly like an Algilay.. let my spirit carry me.. His father was friends with guitar maker Les Paul. Steve Miller did have just a little more help than I did.

Back to the murder. Since I just saw Russel Crowe do his 15 minutes of fame and all will be spellbound with his performance. He had just left Jack Welsh and GE/Westinghouse and was starting:

The Fox News Network and caught 9/11 live. I saw it again in the Loudest Voice by Showtime. I am still thinking bout it and I don’t think TV has had much of an impact lately due to so many murders.. I keep thinking: what do parents of small children do in this horror? For me, taking 25 Candidates down to one is hard.

Being shot every week just for going out of your home is not a thing I know of until now. Like Adolf, Trumpetta has no problem if a shit hole nigger can get fucked over. Donny is afraid they may turn on him and try to kill him. Luckily, a few hundred Secret Service men are all the fuck over. When he golfs all the fucking time.. think of what he said about the Niggerdent Obama… that all he did was golf. All Donald did was constantly rally his base. Period.

Imagine Barack not working one day and saying all the Racist stuff Donaldo is upset that anyone knows anything about his life. He feels that the Presidency is meant to glorify the man or woman and let him act like he is above mans law. To Donaldo, death only comes to week, Sleepy Joe. Donny is way younger and Sleepy Joe, a few years older, is dumb up there. Point to Donaldo’s fat head.

Donald feels that with the killer in El Paso, there were good people on both sides. Donald thinks to be a nigger, you must have a rat infested crack house in Baltimore, Maryland, home to Elijah Cummings Soulful, Sensitive and Loving man who walked with MLK and was with him when he was shot. RFK announced MLK’s death at a Rally and within months, RFK was shot after winning the California Primary.

In order to have a permanent Cabinet, they have to be fully Vetted by Congress. Most of the people have so much shit they did. The Republican that would not let Muller talk at the Interview by Congress. Also, Trumpetta is making sure that any document, especially his Tax Returns, are safely hidden. My guess is that there will be no Impeachment as the legal system is too slow.

There must be someone that can step up and make this a total Non Trumpiean atmosphere the only way to make money at this time. He is not to blame. He only lied at saying: Defending the Constitution. He would never have gone to Vietnam as it is too far away and he did not like that. He gets what he likes. And he likes what he knows. It’s getting … between your .. .. stepping one beyond your show.. oh oh. Peter Gabriel with Genesis.

I do not think the NRA has dick to do with this killing. While we are in it, I do not see the result until after I withdraw.

Trumpetta taking on the innocent maligned Elijah Wood is so calm. He lets Trump shit to fly up his back and stick your dick firmly into Donny’s ass as it will go. I don’t care if there is a full turd in front. This is a party.

Dave has made a Life Quest to find out the Truth. He then will allow this to lead him to the action.