Mastery of Empowerment Course

Yes, gang, it is time to reveal my great secret that allows me to help others. The hardest thing about helping another is: removing yourself from the conversation. Helping the other person do what is best for “Them” even it it turns out to be the worst for “You.” Maturity is needed, along with the understanding that it is never possible to totally remove yourself since you are a being and that in and of itself makes this impossible.

After the 6 Day Advanced Course, designed and aided by Werner Erhard on video throughout the course, I signed up right away for the MOE that was given on the East Coast of the USA in the Everglades, Florida. Since this was a flat area, even though we had morning stretching and a run, it was not about going at 100% like the 6 Day. This was: now that I have been through all of Wener’s help, how can I help to empower others.

From the very start, I thought I was ready. Yes, to help others, I was spot on. To help myself, took place directly after the Course was over when we were back in our hotel, the Miami Hilton, where we spent the last night and the plane took us to our destinations the next early afternoon.

Since, when Werner sold his USA business to his Forum Leaders, Landmark Education, they have seen to it to do away with the 6 Day and MOE, so talking about it is only a tribute to a man I love so deeply for helping me and I am so sad that both are no longer here for you and many people that would get so much.

Many might say that Werner is not as good as a Psychiatrist. That is most certainly true. Tom, John, Kirsty and used to be Katie and many of the LRH’rs and I are similar in this. I have proof that Psychotherapy is not very helpful. First, they use drugs to keep you going to them and Second, if you get fully better and don’t need them, they are causing a lack of income. They are vested in that you never will be completely well and that is a fact. There may be 1 or 2 that are not that way, but in the opinion of the mass of them, keep em paying and showing up each week. The last part, #3 is that when your hour is up, that is it. If you are in the middle of something important, they will send you on your way as there is more money, I mean clients waiting to see them.

I have found that the best therapy available in this World is from a Dear Friend who will hear you out and as much as possible, help you even if it means hurting them. Nothing I have found is better. No time constraints and they truely care. Psychiatrists “Act” like they care. I think I have now shown that.

The MOE started out with the question: “What makes that so?” There were about 50 to 75 people there and it went on for 2 hours. Every time someone said something that made it so, the Forum Leader asked again… and what makes that so? The people kept getting deeper and deeper holding on to their thoughts.

I knew the answer immediately as I was ready for the Course. But, if I said it, there would be no “Empowerment” and it would actually be really bad. My Lil Sis went with me and after a couple of hours, I whispered into her ear: I know the answer to this, but if I say it, it would not empower anyone. Would you be willing to listen to what it is and then say it to the Forum Leader, over and over and in about 10 minutes, he will say: you are correct. She trusted me and did it. And in 10 minutes, something that should have lasted until the end of the night ended way too quickly for them, but not for me.

Oh, you want to know what the answer is. Well, I am going to make you wait. If I tell you, it will be like you are taking the Course with me and since you can’t as without Werner, it is gone from the USA. I don’t know if he does it in other parts of the World, but at the end, you are his “Partner” in this Work as he reveals all of his tricks and Zen Games that he used in the Forum and 6 Day and other Courses that were minor and given in the Individual Locations throughout the USA where the Forum was offered.

There were physical things, a day that as groups you figure out how to do things together in order to complete tasks. 2 I remember are a large 30 foot pole with a big tire. The group had to put the tire on the pole without touching the pole. It could not be done without the group stacking each other. I was chosen as the Leader, but gave that one away to someone else in the group. We lost that one. Another was 3 trees in a triangle that kept getting further and further away from each other. The contestant had to walk on the rope about 6 feet off of the ground. Eventually, you would either quit or trust that your group, who were under you and you, would catch you if you could not make it until the end.

All of the things that day outside the Course Room had to do with trust. Another was falling backward from standing, trusting the group would catch you. All had to do with trusting others to Empower you.

In the end, the last night, there was a Giant Feast. Up until then in this Course and all of the other Courses, the end was just about the Group being close. This was Werner on video tape thanking all of us and saying that we were all his partners in this self help Work and that he held nothing back from us. It was a glorious end to a Trilogy of courses: Form, 6 Day Advanced Course and last and greatest: The Mastery of Empowerment or MOE.

A bus took us back to the Hilton in Miami the last day and we spent the night there without incident. The morning we were to get our Plane back to Philly, I woke up and suddenly, I had a twitch under my right eye just above my cheek and below my eye. It was not constant. Almost like “Hickups” it twitched every minute and then stopped. Here I was, thinking how “Great” I was at the Course and had this horrible twitch that made me crazy!

I asked Lil Sis if she could see it and she could. I knew we had a Chiropractor that was staying at the Hotel, Rick and called his room. He had checked out already. I asked for the Hotel Doctor. They did not have one, but referred me to a local Doctor who said: you are better off waiting to go home and show it to your regular Doctor. It does not sound life threatening.

Li Sis and I thought a stop at the pool and lying in the sun might help. In the Lobby was Rick. I wisked him up to my room and on the floor he gave me a total head and lumbar adjustment.

After, I thanked him and said: hey, it stopped! Then, 1 minute later, it started up again.

The 3 of us were going back down to the pool to see if the sun would help. After about 1 hour… I said: I know what is causing this problem of the twitch. I had a relationship with my Grandmomester and secretly from my family, not wives, saw her every Tuesday for 15 years for dinner. I was her “Substitute” husband. He died when I was 2. But, I heard he was a lot like me. He was a crazy guy and traveled the World while she stayed home and was totally happy with that life of homemaker. She also made sure the money was always there.

Whenever we would have a family get together and people were saying bad things about me, as I was the “Black Sheep” of the family and most entertaining, she said I was a “Pistol,” which was her way of acting like she was upset with me. Secretly, they had no idea about dinners and all by my Dad who balanced her checkbook knew about all of the money she gave me including ten thousand for Temple University that took care of the 1st 2 years. My Dad, never said a word to anyone including my Mom. He was the best man that our World had and I miss him daily and only living in the same area that he and my Grandmamester lived, makes me happy.

When my Granny died, right before, he was a Lawyer and wrote her will. She was giving all my siblings fifteen thousand each. My Dad said: You are not going to give that to Dave, you already gave him so much. She said:

He get’s the money! She died at 92 and he died 2 years later at 67. Both were so similar, but remember, similar is not as good as opposite. Magnets teach you that. It is not the same magnetic field that attracts other magnets, but rather the other side, the different side that attracts them.

Grandmomester was like my Mom. My Dad was an only child and when her husband died when I was 2 and he loved me greatly I was told, bought me items from around the World. Granny took on our family for the next 37 years. She never dated and made our family, hers.

I will not forget that when I was about 5 years old and she gave me baths. I told her I did not want that anymore and packed my bag and sat on the front steps waiting for my Mom to come and get me. She finally came out and agreed and showed me how to work it and gave me my dignity. That is something a Mother does. She was a Mom to me and that is a fact.

When I married my 1st Ex Wife from the UK, moved here at 8 years old and she had a 3 year old girl when I met her. Granny hated her as she never said hi or anything to my Granny and that was not right. It just kept building up. My wife knew I was going to see her every Tuesday, but was not happy.

My 1st Ex got pregnant the 1st time we made love and it is documented. I made love 1st on September 26, 1987. She knew she was pregnant with my baby 2 weeks after conception. I knew she had been with my friend, the one that hired her as one of my DJ’s. He divulged that they had sex after he got back from the 6 Day, proving it worked. I made love to her the 1st time when he left for the Course, but she lied and on the night I left them alone, both said nothing happened. That was a lie. When he said what really happened, she was shocked, but did not deny it. I thought that the baby must be his as they were together 1 month before and that would seem more realistic. But the Ultra Sound said she was due June 23, 1988, exactly 9 months from our 1st time.

I knew then the baby girl was mine, but the real proof came at birth when the baby had dark features. My Ex was blonde with green eyes. The baby looked so much like me and my family, dark hair and brown eyes, no doubt she was mine.

But the problem was: I did not tell my Granny at the dinners each week that the woman she hated was due to have my baby. I never addressed this and ….

Back to the Miami Hilton with a face twitch. Somehow I knew that it was caused by “Withholding” the information about my 1st Ex being pregnant and had not dealt with any part of telling her. I knew that the twitch was being caused by this. If this was true, there is proof of the Mind/Body cause of problems. Why it happened after the course, was that I had to empower others before I would allow others to help empower me. Making this clear, Both Rick and Lil Sis got on each side and walked me up to the Lobby pay phone which is what we had in 1988. I knew eactly what Grandmamester would say: David, you broke my heart.

In the Lobby of the Miami Hilton, at one of the pay phones, I made a collect call and was stalling big time. Rick and Lil Sis were egging me on to tell her the truth. As I said: My wife is pregnant with my child… the twitch stopped forever. And she said: David, you broke my heart. But, I must admit, I was so glad that 4 hour twitch stopped, nothing could have made me more happy.

A woman in the Lobby who was shining people’s shoes looked at me and said: don’t worry, the same thing happened to me and after I had the baby, they all loved her.

I thanked her for the information and asked how she knew what was going on with me. She told me that I was loud enough to be heard in the entire Lobby!

I am my Mother’s son. Not very quiet sometimes. hee hee.

On the hand of the Higher Power, I swear that this was a 100% true story. I have no idea how I knew that not telling her about the pregnancy was the reason for the twitch, but it did stop as I told her on the phone.

Lastly, the shoeshine woman was humble and loveable (Underdog). She was right. I took the baby to several Tuesday night dinners with Grandmamester and Granny loved that Baby!