Michele Obama Saved my Life tonight

Sugar bear. Elton John.

I was in despair by Trump and knowing that how he spoke and treated women was that they were luggage he owned. One could say his wives are dumb.

While his wife is changing for another outfit to celebrate his 1st anniversary, he took the People writer into a room and jammed his tongue down her throat.

That makes me fuckin sick.

I have kissed and made love to tons of women, but never did I ever jam anything anywhere. If it was going to work out. She had to be full into it. If she was not, I had no problem stopping and thought of her as having more power than I did.

True, I am not a celebrity, but I am so idealistic, I could not find it in my heart to do even 1 of Trump’s minor acts.

Michele worded it that women may understand it better, but I am like a woman. For me to be in love, the sexuality is all part of the whole. I don’t have it in me to split them up. If you can, you can easily do what Trump does. Women represent power and ownership and they are worth less than any other person in the World.

I am not saying this from anything except making my decision. I am President of my life. If he happens to win, I will be spouting of curses acting like I could really do anything the way he does. I am so idealistic, you may hear me and if you don’t know me, you may think he and I are the same.

Had he been a normal man, like Bill Clinton who made sure the women he was with wanted him and the respect that he treated his cheating and Hillary… all done with respect. I know in my heart, theirs is a Spiritual Relationship and the rest is Trump making someone else the “Bad Guy.”

Taken from Scarface: “Say goodbye to the Bad man. The Bad man is leaving now.”

When he gets put down like a dog that has lived to 20 years and is riddled with cancer, it will be a tender mercy for the USA.

I want to end with a prayer: Dear God, please see Donald Trump put down by not winning even 1 State in the Glorious USA we live in. See that he cannot make even 1 penny more since his reputation needs to be taken from him for this lifetime. Let his wife and ex wives know he not only did not love any of them, but thought of all of them as pieces of luggage, owned by him. He only picked pretty women that did not speak English well. Ivana overcame his extreme treating her like shit.

Dear God, I will keep cursing in a joking vein, but will not stop until he loses. If he wins, I will be lost. Not that I would ever disrespect man or woman, but I would act like I did and could get into fights with people who have no understanding of my humor.

I live my life by making horrible situations funny. But there is not 1 thought that is there that would ever be taken advantage of. It releases the pressure of horrible people like Don that does not have “I am sorry” in him for anything, even if he says it. His lie is that he cares about anyone but himself. Look out for Ivanka who is beautiful and has been sexualized by a horrible father that would stick his fingers into her pussy if he thought he could get away with it. He may have done it when she was in her teens.

Unlike Bill Cosby who put his victims out with prescription Queeludes that put them out so that he could through the dresses over their heads and fucked them raw before they woke up. Don knew he was so big, he could do whatever he wanted with the woman being wide awake. Why he thought no one would ever catch up to him, is the crazy man he is thinking he lives his life in a vacuum as 1 man that no one will ever know what is in his hardened heart.

Dear God, let it be only until November 8th, 1 day before I turn 56, so that I can live in peace when I reach 60 on November 9th, 2020, if you allow me to live. Please, God, I beg you not to send me into 4 horrid years of the man who Honors Putin and Russia, than he does the USA and our Women. Amen.