More Republican Debate talk

I remembered 2 things, the Doctor’s Name was Ben Carson who is the Neurosurgeon who I happen to love. I think the 2nd was Mr. Cruiz and I forget his first name. He started out by saying that he wanted to take down the Law “Dodd-Frank act.

This affected all of Real Estate in a negative way and gave rise to AMC’s or Appraisal Management Companies. They were “Supposed” to be the go between so that Mortgage Companies do not put pressure on the appraiser to come in at higher values.

What they turned out to be since it went into law in 2009 was all negative. And what the AMC’s turned out to be was: APS or Appraisal Money Stealers. Also, they are BAFN, or Bug Appraisers for Nothing. I have been in this for 30 years. I don’t need people who are not appraisers telling me I am taking too much time when we had 2 weeks before they came. Many deals are so much harder now as data is just starting to increase after 7 poor years of Real Estate. They say things like “I cannot believe you took 4 days after the inspection to get this in. Worthless and they bill $350 to $500 and pay the appraiser from that $225 to $325… when they want to. They get the money up front on a credit card and then put the “Screws” to the appraiser.

Just like in Russia when I was there in 1978 on a Concert Tour, actual Communism did not exist. Poor people stood in lines for bread and the Government people drove around them in Mercedes Benzes.

I am sick of it all, but I need to remember if it was Cruz that said he would get rid of that horrible for the entire Real Estate Industry if he wins.