New Life Path

For those that think they are too old for change… look at today’s “Colonel Sander’s: 2 of them in their 50’s making drastic life changes in working and playing.

When I first said I was going to leave Residential Appraisal after 32 years of working in it, I was out of sorts. I did not know what day of the week it was and many other strange things happened that shook me to my core.

My partner had many changes as well, but he never fully made a real choice like he did this time. For the 2 of us, we are going to show proof that without going to “Shark Tank,” or any other money place, you can literally change your life’s work with no money.

Every business I have been in and there have been about 12 including a few phases of the Appraisal business. In 2008 when Congress voted that appraisers may no longer deal with banks and mortgage companies, they created the death of appraisal, putting all the money in the hands of the greedy Appraisal Management Companies who stole our money and left many of us unable to even pay a bill. Obamacare was the 1st and only help I have been given by the Feds that I paid about 37 years into including a “Promise” of Social Security. Let me put it to you this way: I am not going to hold my breath that I will ever get Social Security. I am 56. My guess is that many people are younger and you can think: if he does not get much or anything at his age, what may I get much later down the line? Then start looking at working until you die …. or change your way of thinking. 2 jobs… no problem. Husband and wife both should work beyond 65 if they are employees that are not the likes of Michael Eisner, making millions a year as an “Employee” of Walt Disney/ABC.

There is only 1 guarantee in life: your death. Forget about taxes if you are broke. If Trump has his way, forget about health care if you “Need” it. Many people who have jobs or own their own business think they pay the money for the Health Insurance for the poor. The working poor such as me and my partner, have never taken time off and work damn hard to get no where. Remember, you can go from no where to now here.

All it takes is rethinking what your Parents had which was: going to college for 4 years and having a guaranteed job for life.

After 8 years of poverty, I realized I could not sink any lower. The money I was being paid was most certainly less than working at McDonalds. The only difference was that my work was important to the Mortgage Industry. Someone who works at fast food is not qualified to do what I do. But, with the low money and the way I am paid: McDonalds is a better money deal.

I don’t work for money. I work for the love of what I do. I enjoyed the challenge of working at an important job that had to do with the National Economy. It was only when I realized that I was an “Unpaid Employee” of the Appraisal Management Companies, that I realized I had been tricked by the Federal Government. If I came in low on a value, I stopped getting work. Even when I came in, with so many people on the list of Appraisers… I was dicked…. in every hole you can imagine.

Now, meeting with Jay on Jan2 (I won’t get that one wrong again!) just being with him and the Princess Rachel…. I found there was another way to go and I am 1 month into my 4 month course that is literally changing my chance in life. With help from Jay and having Eric… I do not see a way I can fail other than death. I used to feel that way. But it has changed gang. Trust me when I tell you there is no more guarantee unless you find the right thing at the right time and have “Chustpah” which is “Guts” in English.

You need help today to get out of your situation unless you were rich before 2008 when if fell down around all of us in Real Estate. Many other things too, but mine was that.

Since Jay and his wife got their magnificent new condo, we have not had that much time, but I have been busy with school. Today, it is not a matter of just going to school, but rather knowing the type of school you are going to and if that will bring you the joy and money you are looking for. I most certainly won’t name it and tell you what to do as …. I famous person once said “That would be setting you up in your business.” And it was true then and now. You need to seek out what it is that you want to do.

My Dad worked 41 years as a Lawyer for the IRS and did not get 1 Pension Check… my Mom did after his death. Dr. Ginsberg only got 2 weeks off for 50 years as a Doctor working 5 full days a week. The saving grace there was that his lovely wife worked with him as his Secretary, so that they saw each other more than if he worked alone.

But, in the end, it all comes down to death. This is why you also have to arrange time for vacation. Eric and I wish to have joint condos in Hawaii so that we can have paradise waiting for time off. We also have big dreams in the work department as well. 2 people working together on the same goal is not like 1 plus 1. It is 1 to the “X” power and that has a power that we cannot know as the 2 putting their efforts into a common goal has an unlimited chance. So far, I started most of the good businesses on my own. This one at this age, both in our 50’s is most certainly the KFC way. From what I hear, Colonel Sanders had a Restaurant. It was not until his first Social Security Check that he got at age 65 (No more of that age… later now and who knows what if anything you will get). People loved his chicken recipe and when I was young, he marketed it with “Ginos” who was Gino Marchetti, a Football player. He carried Kentucky Fried Chicken with the Colonel’s picture in all of his stores. Now Ginos is gone and KFC is king.

The real truth be told, I find the “Original Recipe” to be the best chicken I have ever tasted.

My message is to not give up. Today’s 50’s was yesterday’s 80's…. but there are no guarantees. If you are not making enough now, make the change today. Once you know you are not going to be able to retire at what you are doing, you are dooming yourself for lifelong poverty as the “Working Poor.”

If you read any of my past stories, I did keep my attitude up… but money was down. Now I have the chance… but am realistic about my time left here on Earth.

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