Ode to Honey Bear

Doris Leusinger. She taught me things like: eee, ehr, sahn, shoo, lieu, chee, pah, she which was almost counting to 10 in Chinese. How about: Pay, Nahn, Tung, See, which should mean North, South East and West.

Many times, I wish my memory would just quit. It will not for the most part. I wish that due to bad and good have no sway and both are remembered with equal zest. The negative ones I wish would stay buried.

I used to be one of the popular people, but in the end, found out that most of it was fake. Not for me, but for the people around me that acted like they really liked me, but had other motives.

The best thing I have now found in life is a Job that you can love and anyone who is around you is honest more than trying to gain your favor.

I live for the pleasure of the Higher Power and when it is done with me, as much as I can, I willingly give back my body and mind from wenst it came.

Until that time, you have me. If I am writing here, you have the best of what I have to give to Medium. When I am with you in person, also the best to give.

I do my best not to take as giving is where I find most pleasure. I do know that one day I will be gone and as previously discussed, not this little blurb, but all of the other stuff I have said or written about will at least have a chance to be remembered. Without things left behind, history does not mean anything.

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