Putin is Thanking Trump for Everything

Once Don takes office, Russia will be the example for how to run the USA. I for one, am feeling so much better. Any moron that likes Hillary is stupid. Putin hates her. She will use Western Ways.

He secretly has deals worked out for when Don takes office. Putin will attend the Swearing in from inside the White House. He will dine on Caviar and Stoley Vodka. Then, when all of the Hooplah is done, they will sit down for real sexy talk. Not known to many Americans is that Putin knows how to fuck Russian chicks without having to say anything. He threatens to throw all of their families in Prison and like magic, they are fucking him all night long.

I hope Don will share the secrets as that would be considered “Bogarting.” Those that know about pot smoking know that when someone “Bogarts” the joint, they are “Hogging” it and not sharing the great smoke. Very Gauche!

I am getting ready for the Red US Republican Party Party. I already have lots of Stoley on hand and have chilled lamb skin conodoms chilled. That is the Russian Way… and soon to become the US/Republican/Russian Party.

Don is smart. Who needs the party of Lincoln or the “Evil Empire.” We need power to kill people that don’t agree with the President or “Leader” at first and then “Dictator” when Don’s Dick gets hard enough to meet Putin’s standards. I was told secretly, that Putin can drink 1 whole 5th of Stoley and then take his chilled lambskin and fuck and fuck all god damn day long.

America, Schmerica. I cannot wait until the USA becomes “Russia West.” Only then can we be sure that Donnie has taken a Democracy that never worked and made it into a place Russia can be proud of. Locker Room talk will then be the law of the USA and bitches will have to deal.

The last part that Putin will install into Don on Election day, is to make it seem like the bitches vote, but all of them except for the few that understand “Locker Room Talk” and now to act like human six packs, with their pussies able to be grabbed in such a way that the bitch can be picked up that way to show she is less than human.

What a great new life. And here I was upset that Russia would be running us. I could not have been father from the truth. Putin will run the USA right from Washington DC. What a joy!