Quick Vaping Update

I deal with mostly 1 company to get the nicotine concentrate, high grade from tobacco Country in the Carolina’s and they are going out of business. It is obvious to me that by the time next August rolls around and the FDA take over, all of the States will be in line with them.

My guess is that those that did not start to vape will never start and the millions that love it as I do, making my own juices and having stockpiled for 8 years knowing that the day would come… I won’t worry.

So, my advice is to get as much of the stronger straight nicotine juice and learn how to make your own juice. I love Lorran Oil’s the best for the flavor and then PG and VG is mostly all you need and taste it. There are calulators online that will tell you how much to use.

For the young people that are only doing it for the amount of vapor they can blow out…. stop vaping. It is just putting more smell into the air. You don’t use nicotine or 3mgs or 6mgs which is nothing so that you can put your Watts up to 200 and above. I have not gone over 120 ever as the throat hit from the nicotine would be too harsh. It is nicotine that makes vaping harsh when you put the Watts up high. Without nicotine or the 3 and 6 mgs of nicotine which is worthless…. give it up and become a non vaper!

I have it saved from when I started. Anything I do… except my new Job, will be taken from you. I told people to stock it. I have a freezer in my home that has tons of the strong nicotine that I dilute… but even I will run out one day. I think I will quit. I can go for days and not vape as it is not addictive. I vape about 36mgs and that would make any cigarette smoker cough. But nicotine is not what kills you. Like the gum and patch, it does what it does: help keep you focused, unless you put too much of it into your juice. July 23 2009 was the day the NJoy three hundred dollar box of stuff came. I still have the batteries in my freezer as I never use them, but 1 drop landed on my tongue. From that day I have never bought 1 pack of smokes and every year or 2 I will bum one to remind me of how hot and horrible the taste of a cig is. Case Closed.

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