Ram it in Dry

In the Locker Room, I was talking to a friend who told me no fingers allowed. He gets them all so hot, it unzips his fly and this reveals his “Turgid Rock Hard Member” and that means a cock ready for fuckin for those not familiar with Locker Room talk.

What he does is points down to his erect cock and says to the bitches: With that thing, you aint gonna wanna wait for the skin to skin action. Not only is it ready, but being that I am with Donald J. Trump, some of the “Magic” came off of his big o’l dick and rubbed magically onto my usual normal dong… all you have to do is slide your panties down just slightly and I will ram that mother fucker right in. The squeal you will give may be so loud, I may have to gag you so as not to disturb Don!

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