Republican Presidential Debates

Even though they took place on August 6th, I am a bit slow on the uptake. But, I did watch both, the Donnie Trump one and the lower 7 one that I think was before, even though I watched it through Youtube afterward.

I want to start out by saying that I have been self employed for my entire working life. When I had 2 wives and 3 children, I was doing well financially and was a Republican. I have voted in every Presidential Election since 1980's Ronald Reagan vote.

Now that I am done raising 2 families and am with my Beagle, Charles or “Charlie” as I lovingly call him. I think I can speak for the both of us to say we are now Democrats. You, here at will get to know people in a much more meaningful way than say.. Twitter. But, they are kind of family and I always had an account, just painfully obvious 3 sentences and I have not begun to conquer yet.

But, now, if there are people who enjoy a story, especially the Reality Show, or Soap Opera that is my Real Life, as Al Jolson once said “You ain’t heard nothin yet!

Boy, that is an oldie there. Ok. They all want to take down Obamacare. This was the only benefit I have ever gotten in 38 working years. I have paid into a Federal System that says I can retire with Social Security that I paid into, yet, they say, depending on Congress, the age may change and the value of what I get may change.

Not to say Obamacare is perfect, but it does chip in for my health insurance. I will give 2 examples of how great it is and 1 bad one. I only pay $4 for no matter how much my prescribed medications cost. I only pay $5 to see my regular Doctor. Those are the 2 good things. Now, here is the bad news and it does go well with the “Death Roll” that the Republicans illude to.

I had a flat lung 3 years ago. In the end, my oxygen to blood ratio was not good. I was tested and don’t have the dreaded COPD… but my Lung Doctor ordered a Sleep Apnia Study. I had it and for the past 3 years, use not only CPAP, but was prescribed an Oxygen machine that feeds into it. I was told by the head of the Sleep Center at the Hospital, that in 2 hours of watched sleeping, I stopped breathing 240 times. Those of you counting, it is more than 2 times per minute. So, you wonder, how can anyone get any enjoyment out of life when they do not sleep without stopping breathing so many dog gone times? The answer lies in that not until this wonderful machine and oxygen, do I now only sleep for 2 to 4 hours, but awake like I don’t know where I am or what time of day, and just yesterday, I awoke at 8pm and have said, I though it was today, Monday at 8am. I am actually getting extra time. But that is not the end of the story.

I wanted a new Study as it has been 3 years and things may have changed. You (and me) are not allowed to touch the settings on the CPAP. It must be a prescription. In order to get a new prescription, you need a new Study. I have an Older Doctor, maybe in his 70's, but he is not only smart, but he goes to conferences and knows all about new medications and saved my life with a new anti-biotic, which is a story for another day. He told me that Welfare is better than Obamacare and that he had to put something through the computer and it would take more than a month for them to contact me. Then I got the call that ended the entire thing. I was told it had to get approved and that was over 4 months ago. It is done. Fait de complis. I hate to use the French that I was taught by Madame Pettoukhoff, but it does make it clear that Obamacare is not the total answer to our problems.

In the final result, the 1st question asked was: Raise your hand if you do not win the Republican Nomination, that you will you support whoever of the other people here wins and there were 10 for the “Real” debate and 7 for the “Short one” that I think happened before? For those of you that have not seen it, can you guess who the only 1 that raised his hand….

Times up. It was Donnie Trump. You do know that I joke… because I know him. Someone that I knew years ago in Atlantic City that did the Glass for the Trump Taj Mahal. She said that he never paid them. They asked about his 4 bankruptsy’s and I, little Davey G. has done it 2 times. I am not proud of how it came down, but they were both explained in a previous post here. This is where it all comes to pass. is my saviour. Quick recap that I was using Vapers as a blog on my DaveG Vistor page and had almost 60,000 views from people that had to be told about it. There was no adverising a not blog thing. I wrote over 3,000 posts, limited to 1,000 charactors. Compared to Tweeting, that is 1 lifetime! Then, just weeks ago, from August of 2009, they were taken from this Planet and somehow came to me. As far as I know, this is the 1st and only World Site that you can write as much as you want… and boy, do I want.

Back to Donny. He said that they were not personal and he used the Laws of the United States. The main problem is, he makes it too public about everything. To be in Government in this time of the USA being in the worst position I have been in, we need just a bit of tact and Donnny has none of dat!

There was 1 man, a Black Neurosurgeon and I cannot remember his exact name, but he made me smile when at the end he said: “I am the only one that has separated Siamese Twins…” I think his last name may be Carson or at least, that is my take. Walt tells me I can edit these, so we will all know soon who he is and I liked him a lot. Rare for me to like a Republican.

Lastly, they all were cutting Hillary down. They all want to take Obamacare away and replace it. If I knew they cared about poor people, I think I would be happier to vote for them. Abortion is also a big thing with Republicans and they brought up how Donny changed his stance on it. He was pro choice and now, part of the No Abortion, No Planned Parenthood team. In the end result, I know that right to life only exists for living humans. If a child is going to be born in a public toilet and left for dead, isn’t anything better than that? That question was not asked. I will stay tuned to it and even if I am the only one reading this as I write it, that is OK too.

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