Saturday thought of the day

What makes you who you are? I don’t mean what you say or do, but who you are?

If we were to be honest or One with what is, I think we would say: I don’t know. And truth be told, that is true. I have said that while we are “In” something, we don’t know what is going on. Once we are out of it, it suddenly becomes clear.

So it is with life. While we are living it, we are on the field, playing the game and we don’t know who we are. Once we are done for the day, we can look back to see who we “Were,” but who we are is for others to look at us and let us know or at least know and keep it to themselves.

In the USA, we are in the middle of a very difficult Election for President that will be voted on next year. Who are those Candidates? Same thing: we do not know, we only know what they say they will do if we elect them. But we really don’t know who they are because we are “In” it right now. The best that we can do is to vote who we think will do what they say, without any proof that they will.

I happen to think Hillary will dance right in. It is a 2 for 1. We get Bill keeping the Oval Office “Warm” while Hill. is dancing around the World. Do you know that some people call her “Kankles?” I think it has something to do with her ankles and calves that meld together.

I have been told by a learned man that the Democrats look to load up the ballot box, while the Republicans hope that the upper Middle Class and Wealthy will show up.

I think that is true. Most Presidents in this past 100 years have been Democrats. I think Reagan was the last great Republican and now they are all trying to ride his coat tails. Ever since Reagan, our Country has gone down every year and we owe trillions of dollars to China and the like. What makes anyone think that no matter who the President is, that the bleeding of our Country will stop? There is no proof that anyone can stop this.

I feel it is all based on Lazy people in our Country. True, both parents are typically working just to feed a family. What happened to the days that your home was your main investment that would bring you equity and the ability to send your children to college? That went the way of the “Dodo Bird.”

Today, most children stay home until they have to leave which is sometime in their 30’s and when they do leave, it is typically to get married to live with a spouse. When I grew up, I moved out at 19 and there was no problem with that . I started my first family at 27 which may have been a little old. Early 20’s brought marriage and families. Now, if you are in your 40’s and just starting a family, that is the “Norm.”

What happened? I can only tell you because we are now out of that period. If we were still in it, I would be guessing and most likely wrong. This is my truth: The USA has gone downhill since owning your own home, the main thing that paid for many things is now gone. Many children, when and if they leave home, are renting because they are afraid that they may loose their money, looking at all of the people who have bought homes since 2007 and are not paying their mortgage because the home is now worth what they owe. This is the 1st time in our time that this has happened. And, there is no real end in sight.

My advice is to see how this next scene plays out after it is over. I do see that we will never get back to where we were again and that the American dream of wealth is not like it was. It used to be that you could come from poverty and go right to the top. It does happen, don’t get me wrong. But beyond that, there are many examples of people who once were lower middle or just middle class that now, due to the situation in the USA are now part of the poor. What does that mean: a Win for Hillary. Will she change things? Absolutely not. She will stay the course the Democrats have done forever. The poor will be more “Satisfied” being poor and the rich will bitch and moan that they have to cover the poor.

When Mitt Romney said: the 1st thing I will do on day one is take down Obamacare. What are the new Republican Candidates saying: the same thing. But now, because millions of people now have Healthcare, they are saying they will change it to something else. Because of Obamacare, they are not able to brush the poor under the rug like they have done for years.

Because I am now in my poor state, I see it from that perspective. If I were wealthy, like during Reagan, I am sure I would go that way.

Just remember what I said: you don’t know what the right decision was until after that period is over and you are looking back in the rear view mirror about things that are done and cannot be changed. Knowing that it is that way does give you some power. You stop believing what people say and look back on what they did.