Steve Jobs: The Man inside the Machine

This was just on CNN as a 2 hour movie. It capped off all I have written about him. We all must realize that because of who he was to the World, it took a few years to get it all out as the reality of who he was is so different from who we “Thought” he was, it is almost impossible to believe.

His lies and crazy ways ultimately killed him. When the Doctors told him that the cancer on his pancreas could be cut out and that he would have a good chance of recovery, that part was real. I wonder why he brought it up only to lie. When he said at the College graduation that he had the operation 9 months earlier, when it was found, every Doctor and I am sure his family said to have that surgery as he said he did. Instead, he wanted to heal cancer on his own. He thought he was above cancer. Something that has been around for so long and we still have not answer to it and he thought he could do something. But, as I say, do not listen to people, watch what they do. Then, to top it off, after the cancer spread, he got a replacement Liver. He talked about having a 20’s person’s liver. How could he have not known that his look was gaunt, unlike it was just a year earlier. The change can be seen by anyone.

Since I have not ever purchased 1 Apple product, I have a more objective view of him. So many people were praying and sad. But none of them saw to it that he had the operation that would or could have saved his life. Why? He did not tell anyone.

Then there is the Lisa debacle, having a daughter and giving a piddling sum while he was rich and lying to his co founder Steve Wazniak. They met at around 12 years old and he lied and ultimately hurt what seems to be a good man.

I am sad about the whole thing now that I understand more about him and the World he was in. Changing dates of stock for himself and others to make instant money like it came off of a printing press. Yet, he had no need. In this documentary, he said that he was hurt that no one in the Company was looking out for him. I guess that is why he backdated stocks.

In the end, like my 2nd marriage, we don’t find the truth out until it is too late. Say I knew Steve at the time of the diagnosis of Cancer. I would have told him about my dad and not left his side until he had the operation.

I feel bad about the OJ case too. Had I been a part of the Jury, I would have said something like this: Ok, we all know it does not matter whether OJ did it or not. No way could all of that evidence be planted by the Police. Also, no one else had any reason to do this. If we deliberate, or take a vote today, a couple of hours after a 9 month trial that showed DNA and so many people were able to watch this on TV, if we come out immediately with an Innocent Verdict, it will look like we only did that because we were getting back at the LA Police for all of the bad things that they have done to Black people now and in the past. I suggest we talk, fly paper airplanes and anything for at least 1 week, then they will all think we gave some credence to OJ being guilty. This is too fast of a verdict and I will vote innocent until at least 1 week.

Most likely, I would have gone further than that. I watched a majority of the 9 months and what I missed, I taped and watched later. I also watched all of the TV coverage of the “Trial of the Century.”

So, to end about Steve: he was very mean to people that would not give him his way. He lied, cheated and stole from his own Company, but he was the face of the USA throughout the World. Nothing matters anymore now that he is gone, but there is a lesson to be learned. When it comes your time to die, wherever you think you are going including just being dust, make your life an experience that is much more than just work. The only family talk I saw in any of this stuff was about Lisa and her Mom and that did not go well for Steve. I wonder if when it came his time, were there loving family surrounding him? Or was he alone, thinking about the next product, thinking he could still beat this thing.

No one has that much power. Anyone who has love, at the end, will be thinking about their family and activities they did together. Work will be the smaller part of what is thought of. Even if you had failed families like I did, there are so many loving warm memories I have and my hobbies and good friends and my loving Mom and lil Sis. Think Different! (Jobs Logo when he came back to Apple).

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