The Most Important Election of my Life

will happen 1 day before my 56th Birthday and on the same Day as the one that happened on the day before I was born. It is a special day due to the Law that states when the first Tuesday in the Month of November happens to fall on the 1st day of the month, the Election will take place on the 2nd Tuesday of November. So, as it was in 1960 when the Presidential Election where JFK won over Nixon on November 8, this Election means much more to me.

Being that I have never followed any election from beginning to the end, this being my first, does have meaning just because of that.

I first felt the “Bern” and when I realized he was not going to make it, I thought of Donnie. I knew someone who was personally hurt by the plate glass they put in his Taj Majal and with his bankruptsy… only got pennies on the dollar. That was not enough to take me off of him. Because I blame this Presidency for putting in Bull Shit Appraisal Management Companies by Act of Congress in May of 2009, to which has ruined the entire Appraisal Industry in the USA and makes liars of all Mortgage Companies that state they paid the appraiser $500 or more charged to every buyer or refinancer and it is a bold faced lie. The appraiser gets paid a part of that at least 1 month later, giving the loan a chance to close. Who gets that money: I only know I don’t and any appraiser that does must be owners in the AMC. I don’t know of any law that made the AMC my boss, but I am no longer self employed.

But, Donald Trump cannot fix it, nor can Hillary. I am now certain that the age of Real Estate Appraisal will end. I did not say I think, I am certain and I don’t like to put myself out on something that will leave me pennyless, but I cannot tell a lie. Washington DC is only concerned about new recruits and how to get them. They don’t give 1 or 2 shits about no one who will ever be willing to train them. They do not go into that saying it is up to the individual appraisers to do that part. Lyer, lyer, pants on fire! Thanks USA Congress for making my 31 plus years a waste of time and now I am to frikin old to keep up with a new Industry.

I listened to President Obama when he left the White House over 1 month ago to come here to Philly and he wowed em… big time. Then, I realized, we cannot have a President who curses. Donny curses so much, his mouth needs to be washed out with soap! We are not ready for that. He says Fuck, Shit and tons of other words that a President in my time on Earth will never say. Even Dick Nixon had the good sense to know his filthy mouth could only be on tape. Never would dick say DICK out loud as in Penis.

Anyone who curses at people has no place as the head of this Country. I am sure it does not take me writing this for Trump to lose. I am projecting a lanslide for Hillary. I have not thought that until the cursing and Obama working this month of October to make his legacy clear. If Hillary does not win, Mr. Allepo…. who smokes pot all day long… which is why his head is fucked up. I used to do it when I was a kid, but I grew up. Gary did not and now he does not know any head of State that he looks up to and the real reason is he does not know how to look at anything and should be ashamed of himself to be an adult and stupid. I don’t know much about Stein, but at 1 or 2 % all both Gary and she will do is make Hillary look like the true Champion.

I really gave it my all. The cursing of Donald did me in along with my personal story that he screwed poor workers out of money and no one can help the Appraisal Industry. It is a dead thing. But, I am still alive and will take care of the appraisal of foreclosures. For the past year I have turned down 20 of them every day. These homes have not been foreclosed on yet, but the banks want to know some kind of idea of what they will get back and tons are all around me in Philly. I am going to survive by taking them and I do feel sorry, but I cannot go down with the ship. I know my writing style sucks. It does; however, allow me to move on with my life. I will not write anything until this election is over as I now have made my final decision and nothing I can say to anyone will have any affect. Been there done that. I cursed here to let you know what you cannot do yet in the USA and that is have the Head of OUR Country Curse openly. We have not gotten that far. If Trump wins, it means you can curse all day long as he will give you a gold star.

Also, you will be able to make fun of fat ugly women. I heard him live on Howard Stern for years doing that. It seems you can’t loose Stern.