The Vaping Hammer has begun to hit

I just got an email from a Company that is in China and also has a distribution point in Florida, USA. Makes sence. The problem is, that for the first time in over 6 years of electronic cigarette purhchasing, they are asking for my Passport, Utility Bill and other things.

This means that I will now be on the Feds. hit list. Even if I am wrong, I don’t purchase things that are dangerous and it is so understandible to me that cigarettes, which are only a million times worse than patch, gum and vaping.

Of course, I have roughly fifty thousand dollars worth of stuff. If you think about it, I have spent less than ten thousand a year and have most of what I bought including original juice in the freezer from that beginning.

It is for the new people. A big part of my goal here at is to be a beacon that is not a “Face” of vaping in Youtube, but now that this dimension has come where wordy old men can word it out, I will and if I should help even 1 smoker that wants to give it up for something so much better, as I not only spent all that money, but put in more time than I have ever put into any hobbie in my entire life.

So, I will be ok. In my opinion, if they cancel any order on me, it just saves me money. I don’t need any vape item. I just enjoy them. That is all.

No one will take my hobby away, but new people will treat this badly. To have to show a Passport and then they will “Get back to you.”

New people that want to give up smoking cigarettes for a life’s work of mine, I have plenty of time for. I will do my best to recreate what I did for 6 years of writing at the now defunct on my DaveG visitor page. I coppied all but the last 3 weeks onto a Notebook, so I have all of that saved. I figured my time was running low.

Usually, anything I get involved in fails for others. I am a non-conformist. But, not in any group. If I were in a Non-Conformist group, I would be conforming to non-conformity and thus, still conforming.

Join me as team mates. Even non-smokers that have friends or family that smoke: it smells like doo doo when lit and puffed on. Doodoo for everyone: or, flavors that are more magnificent than you could dream of. And those are just the juices I make here at home.