To Jeremy

I have a problem because I have to work 3 times as hard to make less than I did before 2009 and before 2009 with the Dodd-Frank Act, there was the fall of the USA that started in 2007.

I can no longer write in Facebook as my Mom took offense to writing about my brother. I won’t go into it here. Yes, it does take 2 to make a friendship.

Maybe, if you find that you are getting together with Facebook friends, you are able to do what I have not and that is fine for you.

Being that my Mom does not participate in Facebook, but is told everything I do, my goal is to not hurt her in any way. She, like your Dad, is my only parent left and I would like to see her be here for as long as possible. And I most certainly don’t want my name brought up as to why she left us, abruptly.

I hear you have retired and that is great. If I were in the position to retire, I would begin work on my “Colonel Sanders” project for the elderly of the Broadway Musical I wrote a few years ago, putting it on Broadway.

Until then, I am just a poor old sod. One thing about the “Jewish Legion” from way back, not one dummy in the 4 of us! dave

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