Tonight’s Wacky Vision

Time is funny stuff. We all have the same 24 hours as set by the rotation of the Earth and Moon and Sun. It also controls Women’s Cycles so I have been told. I have had Manapause for a long time now!

The main thing is: not living in regret. I lived in regret for 8 years until January 2, 2017 and hope was not even an issue. Meanwhile you did what you did during that same period and some of you made billions of dollars during that same period that I tanked thanks to the US Congress and my “Sense of Duty.” Either way, it is gone for all of us.

I don’t regret the 8 years, but I think about how much “Shit” I took for nothing. When you hire me, you get the same work for 1 penny as you do for 1 billion dollars. This takes away any regret of being underpaid for so long.

But, I found that once the period was over, I started to ask the burning question: Why did it take me so long to see the light while 20% of appraisers left each of the 8 and this year I am leaving with most of the rest. Since you need appraisers to train new people for a 2 year minimum stint, I am sure either AMC’s will be demolished by Congress, or appraisal will be anomated and no human will walk into any home to see what the value is.

When I started appraising in 1985, no one including myself knew what an appraiser did. I think now everyone knows what an appraiser is, but most do not still know what we do. I now know too darn much what we do and the horrible situation that will bring it down soon. And I do not live in regret.

How many people make mistakes worse than mine by losing money on investments and things like that and spend the next 8 years regretting what they did?

In the final analysis: it is all up to you. Take the time as I did to burry appraisal and start something new, no matter how old you are as: we all have the same 24 hours, just it is much easier if you have to work, to be as young as you can. As I turn to look at 60, I think of how much less energy I have than when I was 20. It is much less. I am much smarter (Sagacious) now than I was then, and my mind is just as sharp. It is the physical part that cannot be stronger than when I was 20, now being 56 and turning 57 in this year.

Time is the same funny stuff for all of us. I was told by a trainer many years ago: No one on their death bed wishes that they had spent more time working. Most wished that they had spent more time with their family and friends. I used to have tons of them and spent tons of time with them. But I had a lot to offer back then and 2 families myself that are completely demolished for 17 years now. Should I regret it? Heck, no. I am going to remember them fondly and let them stew over it.

If I live to 1/1/21, there will be a major thing to happen to me, but can I make a guarantee that I will be alive …. tomorrow? No. We do not own or bodies and we do not own our lives. No matter what you think, there is only 1 thing true, not 1 of us gets out of here alive.

Say the Genesis Bible Story was true, only Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, a place where you want for nothing and live forever …. never ate the apple from 1 of the 2 trees of all the trees in the Garden? By the dictate of the “Story,” Adam and Eve and everyone since would still be alive today. Here is my question: where would we put them and how could a human body live for thousands of years?

There would be beds piled 100 high and when you had to go to the bathroom, I guess you would just “Let it fly.”

The reality of that being true does not make sense. Death had to come no matter what anyone says. Is there life after death as some “Think” and “Believe?” None know no matter what they say and will find out when there turn comes.

When it comes your time, will you go kicking and screaming: “I don’t want to die.” No one with health and mind power “Wants” to die. But if we are smart, we will realize that it happens to us all.

Make your time count today. Don’t regret the past as it is over. The future is not guaranteed. Only as I write this sentence am I given life. I could drop dead in the middle of writing it… but who would even care? In the old days, a couple of hundred. Today, maybe 10 and that is not a guarantee. I think more will be happy I am gone. That is how time is “Funny Stuff.” Use it… or loose it.

I just will not go with the regret of still having split up people all caused by Religion. All Religion is about death and where you will go after. How can only one of thousands of Religions be right? I don’t think it can. Why don’t people in Religion ask: Where were we before we were born? It’s all about where you are going to go when dead: heaven or hell. Muslims with the virgins and what they think. We must look at that no one will ever “Know” what will happen to us when we die…. so I say: stop asking the question and live your life today. Spend time with anyone you love. And if there is not even 1 other person, love yourself extra! That will take away the regret.