Trump after Mexico

Maybe it is just me. Mexico was where I learned to speak Spanish fluently. That means that I do not translate in my head from English to Spanish, but actually think in Spanish. It was LASS or Latin American Study Semester at Temple University. After taking Spanish from 6th grade through High School and all of my College years that I finally was ready. We spoke Spanish 6 hours a day, 5 days a week during the Semester and went to Mexico for our Class Trip and were not allowed to speak 1 word in English. That is where I learned to think in Spanish.

I do think that our Country needs change in a big way. I also cannot blame all of our problems on the border to Mexico.

The problem today is that our Country is now a real Melting Pot of much more non-Americans than Americans. Yes, Don has many American Men who are with him. Almost everyone else is scared to death that they will be kicked out of the USA. It is ok to say you will have to go back from where you came from and then apply to come back like everyone else, but the reality is that lives will be destroyed. Yes, the bad ones should get the heck out. But, there are so many good neighbors I have that are not legal from Central and South America and I would not want to see them rounded up like they were never a part of this Country, some that have businesses of their own and have them banished. We all know that their lives will be ruined.

I also have known a lot of foreign people who send US Dollars back home. I am not so sure there. It should not be that they are using our money to support people who cannot make it in their own Country. It “Should” be that they all come here … but that does not work either.

No matter which way it goes, we take Trump who will give foreign people trouble, or Hillary who lies so much, people die during her watch and she acts like it never happened. That type of liar never changes either.

So, what are we to do? I don’t know. But, as I said from the get go, this is my 1st Presidential Election I have followed since the beginning and no matter what, I do feel that this is the most important time in My World and if that is like that for me, with the Federal Government ruining my entire Profession, or Industry of Real Estate, he may be the only possible help I may have. Hillary will follow the fold… or Obama and I will not forget who’s watch it was that ruined my life and wealth in May of 2009 when the Dodd-Frank Act made me an unpaid employee of Appraisal Management Companies and took away a six figure income and 7 employees to just me and fifty thousand a year if I am lucky.

Then, there is the overwhelming thought that now that thousands of people make “My Money,” they will never give it up, even if the law was to be removed. The Banks and Mortgage Companies will say: “Even though we don’t have to, we are very happy with the work the AMC’s are doing and will keep them by choice, not by law.”

Because of that, I don’t know where I and my life is going. I am really not sure that just a Presidential change can fix what is ruined in the USA: Real Estate.