Trump goes to Mexico

I guess he wanted to show what a pussy he has turned into and gave the President of Mexico the money for the wall and said to “Schvyg” or “Shut up” about it. To Donny, it is a matter of pride, telling us that Mexico was going to pay for the wall.

Did you ever wonder why they were coming here and none of us were going to Mexico? How about that: our money is still worth more than theirs! They only send it home because they want upward mobility for their family and friends.

I had a tenant who was from Brazil. For 5 years, she worked at a Brazillian “Churascaria” which is a pay by weight for meat and beans and other food items from Brazil. When she left to go home, she had purchased and paid in full for a farm in Brazil. Her daughter, Vanessa, stayed here as she wanted to keep making money and having boy friends.

No doubt that our money is worth more than the majority of places south of us. But Europe, they have not done anything yet. The Pound Sterling in the UK has toileted due to their leaving the EU and the Euro is not worth that much either. Just a shame it was not that way when I was buying hand made e cig items from there. Then, it was very expensive.

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