Trump, Trump, Trump the Boys are Fighting..

An old song, Tramp, Tramp, Tramp the boys are marching… from WW 1 or 2.

Ben Carson says Don is “Cerebral” when you are with him. They say the same type of thing about Howard Stern. Privately, Howard is noted to be very mellow and to be honest, since he married his Model Bride, instead of “Allison” from the “Private Parts” Movie, that started well before Howard was famous and was a Jewish girl and the children were raised Jewish and one is Orthodox which would be the opposite of Bernie Sanders who I imagine is Jewish, but not as observant as 1 of Howard’s 3 girls who are now women.

Let us take a look at what is going on with Trump. This is the 1st “Celebrity” that has been a TV personality that has run for President in our time.

I got done watching the Nancy Reagan Funeral today and that was the opposite type of President. Ronny, as she lovingly called him, was a Movie Star of old and Governor of California before he ran for President. Trump has done so much that he is not “Republican” and he is not “Democrat.” He is “Trump.” Our Country is not used to this. It would be like Lady Gaga or another type of singer or star being at the top of their game and saying they are going to use their own money to become President.

I do not know what the final outcome will be, but somehow, I don’t feel we will see the “Cerebral” Donnie anytime too soon.

I would love to see a Jewish President and then make Hill/Bill the VP.

Let’s end with the Nancy Reagan Funeral. A touching letter was read by the former President, even though I think they call him “Prime Minister” of Canada. It was a letter written by Ronny to “Mommy” on the 1st Christmas when they were in the White House. Ronny told her how many different Women she was all wrapped up in 1 perfect body and how he would not know what to do without her. She was his greatest adviser. She was his greatest friend. She was his greatest lover, even though my memory tells me that he was married to Jane Wyman at the time they met when Nancy had a meeting with him when he was President of the Screen Actors Guild, long ago. They forgot to mention that other wife thing. In the end, they will be inches from each other in the Reagan Museum of Natural Science.

Lots of people were there including George W and his wife… but noted missing was Ronny’s VP, George HW and I keep thinking of his wife as his grandma… who did not get along well when they were in Ronny’s 8 year term. Mommy never had them upstairs to the “Private” part of the White House, the entire 8 years as I think the 2 Women clashed. I wonder why? 2 controlling Women… 1 who’s name is alluding me now.. I am thinking Martha, but that was George Washington’s wife. I know she has always had white hair and a big head and someone who I found no sex appeal in, but may be a great lady…. shoot. When I find out, I will not edit this as it is good that no person will read this.

I told you, I do write for myself and if someone happens to read it… may it be at your own risk. The opinions offered by me are not accepted or acceptable by anyone of note. That’ll Learn Ya!