Trump was No Show

The first President I can remember is Richard Nixon. I used to impersonate him in the 70’s. Now, not many would even know who he was. Part of getting old.

The funny thing about “Tricky Dick” which is what people secretly called him was that in the White House, all his conversations were taped and he spoke just like Donald Trump is speaking now in public. Man, how times have changed!

I am not talking about “Watergate” for Nixon, just the way he had no filter knowing that all he said was being taped. Now, with the Country the way it is, people are saying they find Trump’s candor: refreshing.

I don’t know what these people think about how he would do his “Art of the Deal” on Presidents and Leaders of other Countries. He makes it seem like he will take one of his “Steam Rollers” and run them all down. He will make Mexico pay for a wall and get rid of 11 million illegals from the Country, etc…

So, not having Don there last night in Iowa was : Refreshing!

Instead of Trump being the one the other Candidates worked over, it fell to Ted Cruz. At one point Cruz was upset that they all were picking on him, but that is what it is like to be the top of anything. Especially in Corporate America. Every one is so afraid that they will loose their jobs, they say bad things against others in the hope of holding them down, or at least not taking a job they wanted or maybe take their job!

Every Presidential Election period is special and important, but this one deals with so many issues including the Republicans taking away Obamacare … again and not saying exactly what will be done after.

In the end, no matter who wins, History will be made… again. We have had a Black President for 8 years. I remember when he was running for his first term, many were acting like he would be killed in office. We are through that now. So, the next thing: he is the worst President we ever have had. That would fall to Richard Nixon who took the Watergate Affair for over 2 years of knowing and spending millions of dollars in “Hush up” money and held our Country hostage by not being able to be the effective Leader he had been before. It is like he walked up to a bee hive and shook it. Once the bees came out, he was being stung so much, he had no time to concentrate on anything else. When you have more than 1 body pain, you only feel the most hurtful thing. Our minds do not “Multi-Task” very well and so if you have 2 hurts, the worst hurt is felt and the other is not.

I think it was a good thing that Don did not attend last night’s debate. It showed how his insults and not very specific promises did not take up any time.

The best of all, Jeb Bush was able to be free to talk, but as per usual, he did not say much. What are the odds that the father and 2 of his sons would be President? For those too young to remember the end of “W” which was George W. Bush, the son’s last year in office before Obama took over. We were so low, that we were below the ground.

I will say, Obama was fought by the Republicans, but they are not to blame for the things that the President did like: not having to pay your mortgage for 2 years plus before anything bad would happen to you. Also, one could say he cut the poor a lot of breaks.

Now that I have seen the Republicans without Trump, it just seemed like a normal Debate. Chris Christie, the Governor of NJ where I work as an appraiser, was his usual charming self. He makes it like he is going to walk into the White House on his 1st day with “Storm Troopers” and change the Country in 1 day.

Sorry Chris, the odds of you making it are about the same as you lowering taxes in New Jersey, slim to none. Sorry, because he just promised not to raise the highest taxed State in the Union. That he may have done, but I was thinking that such a tough talking man might realize that just not raising taxes would not be enough.

I have said before that the more the Republicans speak, the more they get the poor and working poor upset and want to vote against them. To anyone it must be obvious that there are way more of those type people than upper Middle Class and Wealthy Class. The trick is: getting them out on voting day. For those that remember the movie “The Gangs of New York” which was about when the Irish arrived here and broke up into groups. Leo De Caprio was in the “Dead Rabbits.” Leo convinced a real Irishman who was in the film to run for local Government in order to help the Irish. Daniel Day Lewis came up to him, grabbed his walking stick that had a notch put in for each person he killed. Lewis put another notch on it and told the actor that it was his notch and proceeded to bash his head in with the stick. As he left, he said something like: that was the majority vote!

We have come a long way from days of killing to get an office, but are not where we need to be to guarantee survival of our Country for the long term. I am sure that the Romans did not think they would only last 300 years or so. We don’t play the game as if we will be in charge forever. Once we get beyond our Great Grandchildren, we will mostly be gone from this Planet and if I were to be asked what upsets me most: that we are leaving less for them than was left for us. That our children have seen automatic home equity become a thing of the past and that was the #1 thing that could raise a poor into middle class.

I do hope that Trump does not win the Nomination as beyond all of his baggage, I know someone who installed the plate glass into the “Taj Mahal” that I think is now shut down. They were never paid for the work that they did due to 1 of Don’s Bankrupsys.

I am a Win/Win type person which is idealistic and I know does not work in reality. That does not stop me. If I win at the cost of you loosing, you will be angry with me and most likely we will not be able to work together.

In the end, I will ask a question: does it matter who wins this Presidential Election? I am not sure, but it will take center stage right before I turn… 56 which I never thought I would live to see and still may not. I do know that if there is a heavy turn out on Election Day, the Democrat will win as that is a guarantee. If you are going to tell me that poor and working poor will vote Republican, I have some snow to sell you in Alaska.