Trumps new Inagural Song

Hail to the Theif.

Hail to the Theif, he’s the one that loves the Putin.

Hail to the Theif, he will make the bithes swoon.

Hail to the theif, puts his fingers in their pussies.

Any other way, means that woman have some value and that’s not true.

Hail to the theif, he will steal US Election, then make the Locker room the only Court in Town. Once he wins, finally no person can question him. He will make USA, the New Leningrad.

Sung to “Hail to the Chief” that will no longer apply. He will be our KGB Boss. For all of the men that put up with the cunts, this will be a day of freedom. If they don’t do what you want, send them to the Western Siberia, Utah. Send them to prison with Jeffers and let him straighten those bitches out by showing just how many under 14 age girls he can get pregnant. Then, free him to run the new Utah. To me, this is a dream come true.

The new title for the song will be hail to the “Pu.” You don’t want to say Putin and give away all of Don’s secret ideas. It is enough that many bitches have figured out that Locker Room means “Never having to say you are sorry.” It is the new version of “Love Story.” Just 1 crazy Putin twist. All you need is a Clinton to blame and you can stick your fingers in any bitches hole!