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A couple of weeks ago, Walt said to me that he was surprised that I was writing a lot more than just E cig things. I let him know that has opened a lot of doors for me and with a much broader audience and I most certainly have more to say than that.

So, let’s get back to where my “Bones” were made. There have been so many changes to vaping since I started in July of 2009. Every year I used to name, the year of “Mesh,” the year of “Heat” (last year) etc…

This year, 2016 is the year of “Touch Screens and Atomizers that need no coils.”

1st the Touch Screen. It is here and I pre ordered one of them. It looks like the I Phone, but anything having to do with Steve Jobs who has been on my shit list since I discovered who he really was in the past year, made so much sense as to why I never bought 1 Apple product in my life. My 1st computer was 1985. It was a 286 Machine with Okeedata Dot Matrix Printer that cost me $2,500. But, right before I bought that I can remember saying: I am not a tech type guy, I am a “People Person.” Famous last words. From that day forward I have had about 10 desktops and 1 laptop. I hated the laptop as the keyboard was too small for me. I use the Microsoft “Natural” keyboard that used to cost $50 and now I can get for $25 on Ebay. Mrs. Hartman in 10th grade typing taught me how to type correctly and I play the keyboard like playing a piano at about 60 words per minute. From 10th grade in 1976 until 1985 with my first computer, I typed on a type writer every once in a while. Due to appraising, and my long verbage, I took right to the Natural style keyboard that gives your fingers a ton of space. When I use regular “Normal” cheap keyboards that are good for “Pecking” looking at your finger as it goes all over, I did horribly as there was not enough room to “Play my Instrument.” This is where a photographic memory has it’s advantages as “Normal” people tend to forget Spanish and how to type properly. I remember both as well as can ever be expected by me.

So, I use the Steve Jobs know how as Bill Gates went from the original DOS that I loved as it was easy to what we have now, typing on my I Seven Computer that was made by Charlie at Magnus Computer. My Beagle, Charlie is named after him. He is from Taiwan, I think, so I do not think his parents named him that, but I know him as the man who has helped me out of many a jam with all of my machines except for the Laptop that I sold to Eric, were all built by Charlie. I just cannot deal with the “Geek Squad” at Best Buy.

Now, vaping is going to be like Windows. I do not have an I Pad and beside working on Tower Computers, I have a dummie $35 a month Boost Mobile phone that sits in my car. During the cold time, I bring it in and then wind up forgetting to bring it and do not keep voice mail on it. It has been meant for me to use only, not for calling in.

But, vaping is now going touch screen. Then, I just saw that there is a new Atomizer that advertised they had been working for it for 2 years in Silicon Valley California, or as past Governator, Arnold says: Cah-Lee-Fawn-yah. I had to get it as it said, no coils, just replace the cotton and that it is the 1st one. I will write more once I get it.

Now, when Walt comes to visit me here, he will see that not only have I not given up writing about vape stuff, I plan to open a “Vaping Museum” as I thow away nothing and have juice back from July of 09 that still works well, just a bit less nicotine in it. Remember, I make my own juice and what I can’t make I buy Wholesale from China from Beci Chen, so I don’t buy any juices for the most part anymore. I have tons of 500ml homemade juices in my frig and tons of liquid phama. nicotine in my 2 Freezers and all of the Loranns Oil flavorings and other tasty stuff that I make when I am into it. I made the best Menthol with crystals and used Eco Mix as the base, but I still have not taken to it. I do think that the Eco stuff that has a menthol base is good, but Eric took much more to menthol vaping than I ever did. Neither of us smoked menthol cigs, but when it is plain without burnt flavor, menthol can be ok and when I have money and time, I may make another 1,000ml batch of it.

To repeat what I said, I am making the prediction that 2016 will be the year of Touch Screen Mods and No coil attys. Of course, I may be wrong. Don’t bet on it. I can only say, if I were to look back on the 6 years I wrote at Vapers (Defunct) Forum, every year, in January, I guessed what the year was going to be about and was …. right, of course.

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