What a World

If I quit my failing Job, and take a class that will change the whole picture, I get taken off the Medium Roster. So, to stay on during this taxing time with learning a total new life at age 56. Having switched things during the 32 years I was in 1 Business that finally collapsed 8 years ago, but did not hit me until January 2, 2017 with Jay at Queen Rachel’s place, I would still be writing about Donny Trump, but making no money. That sucks.

When I look back, and I won’t at all of the cursing I did just to match up to what I never dreamed any President of this Country would ever say and do so much except his job… I could not dream that somehow this is making our Country divided, but stronger.

Ask why the Stock Market and Jobs are better than they ever have been. I am not sure about the Bond Market which is where the appraisals came from, but they are now dead and for me… gone for this lifetime. I shut off that faucet.

I need to learn that we only have today. The rest is a dream and plan that may or may not happen. I can only put my weight against the door to push it my way and have the spirit to continue on in the face of competition and changing ways of making money. The 1 thing that will change with the new business is that I will be paid directly by the party using my services. Not since the DJ years that ended fully in 1993 when CD’s came in. I needed the records to look at the photos to see what record should come next. They have even gone past that now to computers that allow you to look at nothing. I am a tactile being. Lucky this new gig has lots of that and none of the mess of appraisal.

I feel lucky about the whole thing, even though the death of appraisal was painful. Poverty had greater pain and won out in the end. It was a real poverty. Not someone that is cash poor, but poor poor. With the help from Eric, Elaine Rita and my tenant… I am getting through just fine. I hate to take help like this, but my credit would be ruined and I would have to start about 5 months behind and that was after making nothing almost the first 1/2 of the year.

What is beginning to be seen is what can be if you have the guts to totally give up the way you see things and get rid of the “Sense of Duty” which comes from the Christian Ethic of working 5 days a week and retiring with a Pension. None of that is in the cards for me or at this age, I would be there. I am right where I was at age 13 delivering news papers. I had much more energy, but less sagacious space in my head. My goal was to use as many brain cells as possible before leaving Earth and now I am right back where I was when I did 5 full years to get my BA in Spanish in 1987, when Walt and Jeremy and all graduated in 1982. I did 2 years full time, 78 to 80 and then 2 years off totally and then course by course until it became clear, I would have put in all of the years and gotten no paper that would make it end. I would always feel that something was left undone. Sometimes I dream that I did not get the degree. How much has it made me so far… Zero. How much will it make in this new thing: untold amounts as I will chose to work with Spanish folks along with good ol Americans. I need to use that darn degree for something before I leave town.

If this operation makes it, it is on the back of KFC’s Colonel Sanders who did not start selling his 12 secret recipe Chicken until he got his first Social Security Check at 65. Since my age will be 67 and it will only be a portion of what others before got and those after will get less and less until it is gone.

Lastly, Obamacare. For me, it was the only thing I ever got for paying over 35 years into the Federal System. And, it has only been 2 1/2 years of it. They act in Congress that we have gotten so much of a rebate. How about what I paid Management Companies for 8 years that made them rich and me poor. Thanks to the Higher Power, when they take it away, I won’t need it. Appraisal put me into it and I used it thankfully and do now… but not soon. I promise I will talk about the great change in my life as long as there are only my friends here that read this. I don’t need any more competition or to quote the hard hitting words of Jay “That would be putting you in business.” Meeting him is all I needed. I don’t think anyone else would meet him at that time that Obama was still there. Once his man Trump came in, all hell broke loose in his Industry. That was not why I wanted it. And he could have never provided the means for being this type of Job. You need to spend a good penny and get real school under your belt. He just showed me an example of a success in this field and it matched my talent that I most love: Showmanship. Now in English and in Spanish. I will be takin em down every which way. I live in Philly that used to be mostly Italian and Jewish and now is mostly Spanish and Brazilian. The first man that owned my home was Max Myer. Guess what religion that was? Then Ron Redd, Catholic and then, me. Let’s be clear, I forget not one part of all of the Judaism I have taken from 1st through College. But I no longer am Jewish since I found that there is no need for religion.

I would like to end this with a short talk on it. As I grew up learning a lot of Jewish language and ritual, I thought that by the time I reached the age I am now, there would no longer be a reason to have religion as it makes us think we are right and the rest are wrong. Faith that your religion is right is no longer needed. In the end, If I said, let me just stay in appraisal making nothing as the after life will be better, I would think that people my age would rather have the money now when we know we can use it.

Like Jay’s Trump who never uses his own money, even though he says he does. What will he do with it in 30 years when he is 101? What will his kids, their kids and kids after do with it all? I say he is missing out on real help. He should just write a big check to Social Security and then encourage all rich people he know to do the same. He will still be wealthy beyond his life and will personally take care of the issue.

But, he won’t and religion still divides us. Why not say: I have faith in what my religion says will happen when I die, but I am not going to bet on it. I am going to live my life the best way possible and then hope for the best when taken from here? I think the answer lies in the fear of death. People in their 70’s and 80’s still think they will go on for a ton of years. Look at this day and say: It does not get any better than this. As for tomorrow and later and my death, that will be taken from me and not at any time I want to go, so I will not go kicking and screaming as I don’t live with regret. In my case, as much as I know is worth nothing without a vehicle to make it make money. Money makes money, but only when you are rich. Until then, you and others need to work together to do the best you can while you sill have health and are not in your 80’s and beyond as those are stolen years that you will not want to work unless you are a “Workaholic” avoiding your life and not loving what you do.

There, I said it, I meant it. Go on doing what you do.

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