What does it matter

which Affiliation you have. Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green Party… and on it goes. This is the 1st time in Presidential History that I can remember not 1 of the top people being loved. Hillary and Donnie are both hated. Hill/Bill because of her lies, some of which have had people killed. Don due to his loose lips… “Sink Ships” as it goes.

In the end, I don’t remember his name, but the Independent Candidate, Gary… not “Discount” my friend who passed way too soon, but this person I hear wants Pot to be made Federally Legal. I am not the party animal I used to be, but does not it make sense to get more tax money out of something that is being used anyway. Hell, they are going to be getting tax out of e cigs and they have only been around for a short time. Pot brings in tons of revenue to Washington State and Colorado… and medicinally to many other States. It “Should” be legal, but like Alcohol and Cigarettes, too much money spoils the innocent who drop dead due to lack of caring about truth.

What I mean is: them that has the gold control the rest of us. Big Tobacco, Alcohol and Gas for cars and anything that they can Lobby… wins, no matter what is “Best.”

As I keep looking at this election, I keep thinking that I have to vote Trump just because of my work thing that I have spoken of. The reality is we already know that Hillary is going to follow Barac and nothing says otherwise. Even though he is loose lipped, he offers me the only opportunity I will have for the next 4 years to maybe make money again. Believe it or not, I am having trouble with Uber/Lyft in the mornings taking people to work. I started a few months ago and did ok.. now, there are so many people doing it, I am doing shitty.

I am so used to being at the bottom of the heap, I can barely remember what being at the top looks like. Luckily, Alzheimers has not taken away my photographic memory … yet. I just watched “Blazing Saddles,” 40th Anniversary Edition. That was 2 years ago, but they brought it out due to Gene “Willy Wonka” Wilder… or Jerome SomethingJewish last name. They said he died a few days ago at 83 years.. of “Complication from Alzheimers.” How is that possible? I saw from maybe 1 year ago, an interview he did at the 90something Y in NY. He was spot on. Not possible to suddenly forget. I am convinced that many deaths that are caused by my affliction, “Sleep Apnia,” is the cause of “Natural” deaths.

You may ask why I think that? I believe, now that I have had 4 wonderful sleep years… mind you, 2 to 3 hours average at a time, but … peaceful. I was told by the head of the Temple Sleep Center, that in 2 hours of monitored sleep, I stopped breathing 120 times. That averages to 2 times per minute. Now, as you get older, you lose the ability to start breathing on your own and eventually die. But, if you have not had the sleep study and even if you did and know you have this horrible disorder, you may not chose to use the item that is like a Scuba tank in your bedroom. Especially if you are American and have a significant other sleeping with you. Very bad for lovers. The Head of the Sleep Center told me that the Ex Eagle, Reggie White was diagnosed there and did not use his machine that stayed down his basement until he died. 1 of the few that they said died of it. I think more than anal scraping, or that horrible thing they put you on Propoful to sleep, making MJ jealous, is crazy as you either have good or bad digestion and if you have bad digestion, it is going to take more than a good scraping to fix.

Look, we all are going to die of something. The main thing is the quality of life. Alzheimer’s and other painful things that you live with and don’t fix or do anything about.. for me, makes life not worth living. With forgetting everything, you don’t even know you are alive and when I saw Jerome, or Gene in that interview, he was at least 80 and was spot on.. so I deny that his death had anything to do with that disorder. Reagan lived with it for 25 years. One can only imagine what poor Nancy had to deal with until she passed recently.

Let’s end by taking it back… what to do with this election and… or… How the hell did I pick this one as my first to follow? I know why. It will be November 8, 2016 and I will have a 56th Birthday on November 9, 2016. The only other Presidential Election I can remember that happened on the 2nd Tuesday in November was: November 8, 1960, hours before my birth in Philly at 12:31 PM on Novmeber 9, 1960. I did not even understand that if the 1st Tuesday in November falls on the 1st, it is the 2nd Tuesday, or the 8th of November that the Election… not sure for President, may just be any election… but for some reason, you may not have the election on November 1, it must be the 8th. In 1960 the election was Tuesday and I was born on Wednesday. Look it up. I did.

I picked this lousy election. The one that puts the 1st Woman up in any Party as the Democrat and “You’re Fired” as the other Republican Nominee. WTF!