One needs to know how Facebook works.
Jeremy Freedman

What I used to find funny was old people. Until I became 1. My youngest child is 28. I have had 2 failed marriages and am finally ok with being alone. But now, Real Estate in the USA is not what it used to be.

I know about what you are saying with regard to Facebook. I just find it easier to stay here where it is not so close to my Mom finding out about. As a matter of fact, look at how hard it was for you to find me… and she is not computer literate. It was my brother Al who told her the things I wrote that hurt her. After I asked him not to tell her so she could have a good visit with him in Cali. But he is not caring and she almost had a stroke because he read all to her and it was just a bad situation. I did finally get a lot off of my chest. I just had to learn where to send my feelings. Call me and we can go to Whistlers and show them how electrical cigs are the cure for cancer.d

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