What is the only difference between Professional Writing and Unprofessional Writing?

This one is easy. for the Pro, you are paid to write. For the non-Pro, you are not paid for writing.

The rest of what anyone will tell you is bull shit. I have been writing for years. I do it for therapy. I have developed the ability to think at the same time as I type. This could make a secretary jealous, but I promise you, those who are paid and I am not one of them, don’t give a damn about me.

The people who care about me are my friends and they are a small tight group. When I first came here, I got a lot of people following me, but when I did not write every time things they wanted to read… bye bye… quickly.

But, If I write for myself and maybe to leave a legacy for who I was when I was alive for people that knew me and wanted to know more… this could be future valuable. When Jay reads stuff about him, he told me he gets a kick… so I just wrote him in.

But, now the rest of the people are upset I did not mention them. Because Jay is in the top of my friend list, I only care about his thoughts. Believe you me, people’s cares change like the wind. If you do your best to follow people and write what they want… you will spend your life going from place to place and not accomplishing much. If I told you 1 day of stories that happened to me, you may be impressed or bored. The one thing you won’t be is thinking: that same thing happened to me. I have a lucky/unlucky ability to have things that only happen to me.

I am in a Job… everything is great. I am self employed. Others are doing ok, but less business than they used to. I do nothing. I mean nothing. No way to make an income. How does my work stand up to them? I have no idea. I only know one thing: when I take on anything, the most important thing to me is that I care the most and make sure the people know that I care the most and reflect it in my writing.

So, if I were to reduce this short read down to 1 thing, it would be: fuck everyone when you are writing as some will like and others will hate. But, if you write a 1 minute writing that gets something “Off your Chest,” you are a great success!