What is Trump Magic?

For 8 Years of Obama, the Country ran flat in Economy and jobs. Suddenly, Trump comes in and what he is “Actually” doing is fighting off all comers including still fighting that he won the Popular Vote against Hillary. From what is said about the new “Obamacare” has more Republicans angry and yet, we do better and better.

If you can remember past 1 1/2 years ago, before he started running for President, His TV Show, Actual Businesses he ran and the rest that he rented his Name to, all did well. I am terming this: Trump Magic.

There is no known explanation as to why we are appearing that we are doing better now than we ever have in the History of the USA. I am sure it is nothing that he is actually doing and this is why Magic is the only term I can apply.

If he gets through the 4 year term and it keeps going up and up, This Country will have more jobs and more strength that we have ever had in my life. In my Industry, I am now one of the few people doing poorly. I think that Real Estate is not going up in value, but most certainly, going up in buyers and people making deals. Maybe they all have a copy of his “Art of the Deal” book and are following it like “Pierpont A. Finch” did in “How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying.” Maybe Harry Potter did so great in that role that all it took was Trump to come in after and Kick it up to the top.

I am not sure as to anything anymore. All I know is: Jay Parker has become the person to most emulate in our Society. I want to grab the drippings that fall off of him as there is to much to hold onto. He is Republican and willingly admits that since Trump came in, up, up up (Taken from Walking Dead, the character’s real name is “Pollyanna” and is a 6 foot beautiful Model who takes Andrew Lincoln, another Character : up, up, up).

Thanks to Jay including me in just standing around while he continues to grow in a way he admits, never went this hard and fast… and of course, that beautiful Rachel, that I still cannot find her photo he put up… but he is not the only one. Many people in many fields are experiencing a wonderful time.

Even though I did not vote for him, he has freed my language. I can say “Grab a pussy for lunch.” I can say: “Jam your tongue down a beautiful woman’s throat” and shit like that there.

Now, I just have to make the money that acceptance of Trump brings. I think I need to say, I’m sorry to him… here goes: Dear Donnie, I am so sorry for doubting that your style of saying many words that don’t amount to much… have driven me crazy in the past. That taking all away from everyone in yours and any other Party in the USA.. I used to think was bad. Please accept my hearty sorrow and not listening to your secret message what was not the words, but in what you meant by the words. Let me be in the Mickey Trump Club. Let me wear my cap and sing:

Here’s the Leader not Putin and made for you and me. Don… just like the Cosa Nostra, Ald…. an aldernate way of thinking. Trump. Donald Trump. Donald Trump, forever let our bull shit fly so high that…. no one that does not support him, they will never know: Go Don Go, Grab Puss Grab… and we will be there too! (Taken from Mickey Mouse Club Theme). Hell, it worked for Disney!