What makes some Smart and some…Not so smart?

It is about Nature VS Nurture. Is it in your genes that makes you who you are, or do the surroundings where you were born and live for your first years of life.

I think the true answer lies somewhere in the grey matter of who cares.

The fact is you are who you are because for your first years, your family was the only family. Then, as you become older and socialize in school, you find out the things you like.

People like to attribute LGBT. Funny, I did not know what that meant 2 years ago. Now, it is everywhere including…. the bathroom and having to show your Birth Certificate before entering Eatery Establishments down “South.”

Because I have thought of women as being more capable that most men. Maybe I am giving them too much credit. There are some “OJ” women out there who have a lousy story to tell and it only gets worse from there.

I have said many times: I write for myself. I am not picturing anyone ever “Liking” things I say as they are not of the “Norm.”

If I write thinking that this stuff will never be seen, I am free to let my mind go where it may and that is the magic question: how much more time do we have Left on this Earth and where are we going to go when it ends.

I see birth and death as 1 incident that takes a lifetime to take place. When you are first born, you know from nothing including speaking a language, any language so that you can be taken care of as your not going to live with a wet or mushy diaper pushed on you.

People that Home School… the ones that really do it, can never give the interaction that their child would have with the others. This is something that is missing and somehow, that child needs to make friends with others who go to “Regular” school.

As far as to the answer to the question I asked: What makes Leonard DeVinci different from Mr. Adolph Schikelgruber …. or just Hitler for short.

I am going to give you the punch line answer to the question. We will never know where we go when we die. This is the same way as we have no idea where we came from before we were born. Did a soul just get put into place at the moment of birth.

Before I saw 2 babies being born, 2 of my 3 as I started on the 3rd daughter around 3 years old and was raised by my ex and her mother. Lots of fun there.

For me, I do my best to “Live in Daytight Compartments.

F. Scott Peck, in “The Road Less Traveled” or it could have been Napoleon Hill…

But here is the message, anyway. When you are with your parents it is possible that you are not speaking the same to them as you would your best friend, this is right and natural. I want my kids to have freedom to be who they choose. Only because of a System I was in and a large move with both wives to down South where they had not been. The oldest moved back to the area she had her high school years, 1 is in Florida and the last just graduated High School.

As I just said that stuff, it really helped me make peace. I need to treat my children like they are dead. If something should ever change, I would hold nothing against them, nor anyone.

Some people think that I push people into situations and events that then “Makes” them do things they did not “Want” to do.

2 of my Hot Button words went right there. Good Salespeople since 1950 when J. Douglass, the Father of Modern Selling made the record: Making the Sale around 1950. I only known about J. Douglass Edwards because he was Tom Hopkins leader of the ship. They were close and moved to the same area in Arizona, I think.

The big line and Tom H. uses at the Live Events Tom does, repeats the story as Tom experienced it in the last 60’s early 70's.

When ever you ask a closing question (Any question that leads to that the buyer is going ahead) This next line was yelled at me on tape and all over, but when you write it, the only way to show this line is to make it bigger to show that this was how he barked so loudly, the dogs were scared:

WHENEVER YOU ASK A CLOSING QUETION (a few seconds of watiting)

SHUT UP! ……The first one who talks loses.

This is the whole giveaway as to why people buy logically, but not really, they buy emotionally and once the decision is made, they need to justify what they do to others. This is very hard to do. I was told stories of some people having to wait over 1 minute and … anyone who knows how there could be a lot of tension as you were more direct than any other “Whimpy” Salesman would be.

I know a lot about selling, but, what I wrote here is the whole enchilada. We all are selling something. This also includes ourselves. They will not buy from you if they dislike you.

I say that there are some people you may never understand and may never agree with. This is why there is the Freedom at place.. at least here in the USA. The power of the whole place and on top of it all: Puerto Rico, Islands down that way, Alaska and Hawaii. How could Hitler declared War against the USA when he did not see it and had no idea about how impossible that was. I mean, talk about not having any realistic thing to go against the USA. I guess the maps either left out how large we are… or that we have a “Draft” System that takes care of the man and woman power. Again, I am First, Last and any time I can, the one who knows that woman are smarter than men. Just look at what thy had and have went through, having a baby, the only wa the Planet Survives and now we may have our first female President.

I love Ivanka Trump. Not only would I vote for her… she is already Jewish. What can I say… a dream come true. This would be such a great place to end, but no… I need to be sure I did my best to answer the title… wait just a little, talk amongst yourselves…. the topic….. why dosen’t anyone seem to care where we were before we were born… and yet…. we are so overwhelmed by where you are going to when you die? I know, it’s a hard topic.

What makes someone smart and some not so smart. I have no idea and if anyone ever finds this floating in a bottle, Yipee!

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