Woo Hoo!

The How down at Cinn City was a site to behold. My problem is: not looking as good as I should for the “Goddess” Miss Rachel. On the other hand, Jay did himself up big time. He made me look like Chump Change.

As it turns out, Jay found that she had a young man at the Site where his “Spidy Sense” was activated. This is what I say about that many times, it is not what you say, but how you say it. Along with that goes the non verbal cues. If you look at how someone looks at another person, if you are in the right frame of mind and are older like Jay and I are, you see more than just the picture. You notice the small things that let you know that even if Jay was 40 years younger, he felt that his chances still would not be good based on the non verbal cues he felt.

As sad as it may be, he makes himself content with the little things like a slight touch. I am that way too. I told him that when my Skin Dr. Bird, the lovely special woman who I had a biopsy done on Valentine’s Day.. I asked if she was married and knew it was yes… but if she got her husband a present and she said no, but he already gave her candy and flowers. I find her so great. After my tragic near Halloween auto accident where the drunk driver going 40 mph went through a stop sign and hit me going 40, on the main 4 lane road that had no stop signs, only street lights every 1/2 mile or so.

I don’t think I told that story yet, so I will give it a quick go and then get to the non verbal cues that she gave me to show wonderful bedside manor. I think I may have spoken of that part, but never fully told the near death story from 3 months ago.

I am heading in my 2006 Chevy Malibu I got 2 years earlier from the other accident I was in. This was a special car as when I bought it, it was 8 years old, but only had 20,000 miles which is almost unheard of. Also, I think they just sat under trees as there were tons of leaves under the hood and never sat in the back which was pristine. But the 2 front seats had cigarette burns. It was love and smoking. No driving and if love was made, they cleaned that back up good. I think all of the action was in front. For eight thou. cash.. I figured I could use it and not have more payments for a car and could use it for Uber as the back seat was like new. I got 90 % five star ratings from all of the rides I gave and some was due to the back of the car being so clean. Heading along…not knowing that a drunk driver would go through 4 stop signs at a constant 40 mph on a parallel road I was on and then turned onto my road without stopping. I am in the far right lane with a lane in the same direction to the left of me and 2 straight yellow lines for no U turning and then 2 lanes coming in the other direction. He hit me on the passenger side (right in the USA) front and the complete front of my car was destroyed immediately and… as I found out later, my transmission had dropped out as the stick was like a limp noodle. Since it happened on the opposite side I was on, I had no idea what went on. It seemed as if the World was closing in on me and a loud bang could be heard. No airbags deployed. I did not know what to do as I was being pulled by some force to the right side of the car. I was being pulled so hard and being that I am fairly small, the neck strap part of the seat belt started choking me. I used my left hand to release the seat belt. I was not sure of that, but I had a bunch of scratches on my left hand so that is what I think. The next thing I knew, I raised my head up again and saw car headlights coming at me from the other side of the yellow lines, the oncoming lanes. I wondered why that was and put my hands up to turn the wheel the other way. Now I realized that there was no wheel in front of me as I had done a ballet type of move with the top of my body being located in the passenger seat. Being that there is the middle part with 2 bucket seats, my right leg took it bad. My left leg just had a 1 inch square skin ripped off, but my right knee cap was like a grapefruit.

Since I had been in many accidents in the past where people have hit me.. it is the way I get most of my new cars and from my memory, only 1 was my fault. I attribute this to my “Magnetic” personality! My memory of being in the driver seat when hit head on was that the bang of the accident happened and there was a second or 2 before the airbag in the steering wheel popped out and hit my chest so hard, I felt that the airbag hit was as bad as the actual accident.

Since I was going toward the other side and a front hit was going to happen and with no transmission and no steering wheel, I came face to face with my death. I was very calm as at least there was no steering wheel to get hit by when the cars that would soon hit me head on as I headed toward them… I had a realization that made the end much more peaceful. I chose not to be hit by the air bag that I knew would be happenin soon after whoever hit me… would hit me… so I pushed my upper body all the way back of the passenger seat and waited. I heard a boom and sure enough, 1 to 2 seconds later, both front airbags deployed and I was not hit. I was very happy as that is … sucky to put it mildly. Now, I don’t know what it is to be hit by new car air bags, but I had another 2006 car Pontiac G6 before this one that had the same computer in the radio and that was where I got hit 2 times, once by the accident and then by the airbag. I never had side airbags which may make it better… who knows?

We are not done. I have to end this somewhere and I have nothing to do with where I go from here, but since the airbag did not hit me, I was calm. My car went on to land on a tree which was at the corner of the other side of the road from where I started.

That was the end. I now had time to look and see how I was in the passenger seat. It was just the top part of my body, my legs were stuck in the middle section; thus the heavy leg injury. I put my head on the passenger car door and put my feet on the driver side door and thought I would have a moment of calm meditation before I got up to find the total damage that went on.

Before I end this, I want to say that the Higher Power or Big Guy as I call him for sure was there guiding the events in time as they happened. First, when he hit me, if there was a car to the left of me, I would have suffered severe damage and had no where to go as having the space to the left of me allowed the pressure to take me to the other side after the seat belt was unlocked by my left hand…I think. Now, I was heading to oncoming traffic. Say the cars were there instead of coming toward me with the vision they had to see me being hit and coming into their lanes. Also, I think that his hit slowed down my speed. As I found, only 1 car hit me head on from the other side of the road. Lastly, it was a tree I hit in the end. God only knows what I could have hit before coming to a stop.

Within 3 seconds of rest, I heard my door opening slowly as it was smashed a bit. A big Strong Black Man had his hands folded in front of him. He wanted me to shut the car off, fearing that gas may be leaking that could blow up the car. That was when I realized the stick shift was not in the right place and most likely had hit my leg. No way to put the car into park, so I turned it off and left the keys in. he pulled me out. He explained that he was a Federal Agent and had been behind the driver that hit me for a bit and that he had “Blown through” 4 stop signs before coming to mine, so he was following him to see what final event would happen. Don’t anyone think that the Philly Police came under 1 hour as even death does not affect Philly Cops. I was walking kind of slow like “Uncle Joe at Petticoat Junction.” Sorry youngins. Being the appraiser I am, my digital camera was under my seat and I wandered around all of the debris and took a ton of photos. When I arrived at the car that caused the accident, it was suck to the bumper of a parked car on what was now the other side of the street that I started on. Being the crazed dude I can be, I asked him if he knew what happened? He said in a very slurred speech: IIII don’t know…. I think someone hit me in the back. He was almost on a stretcher and ready to go to the Hospital. Know that even though I know he was stone cold drunk, the Philly Police did not see it happen, so it is just whether or not he is guilty. He did accept responsibility for the accident that was a total of 5 cars including the bumper on the parked car he hit. All of this was 5 minutes from my home. They called and Uber car for me and my demolished car was taken to the tow yard. I went the next day to get my stuff out before I was told it was a no go for further use… and turned the car on to see what would happen. It fired right up and that was all you could do. The 20,000 mile car that now had 40,000 for the 2 years I used it… had life in the middle of a muddy junk tow yard.

I kind of knew I would tell this story, but seeing Jay today… and also reading his increasingly wonderful writing… I thought it was time to let this one out. I saw how he highlighted the “Circle Jerk” section of something that only a Dale Carnegie Course could get me to put out there… but… did I think he caught that? Hell no, that was a while ago. That is part of the Dark Side that ended 2 marriages with children in both. Only Jay has looked into my eyes as I let the Dark Side out. Most of the time, the “Force is with me” and I am known as “Luke with real hair.”

I want to end by saying that I have extended my friendship to Jay as he is well deserving of it. He will come to think of it as his “Badge of Courage” with my ability to bring out what is there… sometimes gets messy. But we, the “Baby Boomers” of America, have to stick together. I told him as we parted that he was the 1st and only online person I have ever met. That included the online dating I had done where I knocked out about 100 women in 2 weeks without meeting one. I spoke to them on the phone and worked it like a job for the whole time and at the end… quit as I realized that for me go again… for a 3rd… I need to look deeply into my way I used to hear people and believe what they said. Had I known either Wife, I would not have made children or done much else.

Let’s end on the fun note of Dr. Bird, the Dermatologist. When she met me 2 weeks ago, while she spoke to me, she kept both her hands on the section of my right leg that still is in pain, is red and has no hair and shines and other things…she spoke for a while and the whole time, she kept her hands without gloves on my shiny leg that could have ooozzed on her and given her anything. She also looked me in the eye at the same time. For her, I would have married again…. damn it… the good ones are all gone!