may or may not mean what they say. I speak only 1 language fluently besides my native English and people who are Spanish, know that I am trained and for the most part, have a Mexican accent as that is where I learned to think in Spanish. There are many other languages that have had an influence on me and I have studied them for what… I do not know.

As an appraiser recently for the 1st time, I dealt with a father selling a home to his son. No Realtor was involved. The Father did not speak 1 word of English, only his native Russian and fluent in Hebrew.

I had Hebrew from 1st Grade 1/2 a day through to 3rd Grade and then, part time, like Catholics have CCD, I took it every Tuesday and Thursday nights and Sunday morning until I was 13 and Bar Mitzvah time… then almost everyone dropped out. I continued on through High School to what is called “Midrasha” and then onto “Gratz College” along with my Language Major at Temple University. But with that man and how much I should know in Hebrew, conversational Hebrew of mine is horrible. I can read Hebrew and write in Hebrew, but I not only don’t think of even more than 10 sentences in Hebrew. There is the sentence I learn in any language that assures I won’t get stuck… In Hebrew: Ah knee low yo day ah. That means I don’t know. It allows the person to do there best to explain it to me… but this appraisal was hard enough just to set the time for the inspection of this only Hebrew and Russian guy. I was in Russia, too, but that is a long story that even Jay has not sat through. This episode will bring him up as I remember bits from the no date Wednesday meeting.

With the title, “Words.” You know I went up to the top already as I have gone to the Moon and back already. Words mean different things, especially in English. The easiest that comes to mind is: “I” which can also be spelled “EYE.” Both pronounced the same way with the only way to know which I mean is to understand English well enough to know the “Context” of the sentence it is in. I love you, but my eye hurts. Get it? Got it? Good!

I only know English Grammar through learning Spanish Grammar. Most languages are easier than English, but my Brother who lived in Japan for 10 years, is married to a Japanese and has kids, read, writes and speaks it fluently… but I say, you have to be able to draw pictures and then have that make a sentence? That may be something I may pass on for this lifetime. If I came back as a Geisha Girl… that is another story.

Then words have the other facet of how you say them. I love you can be said honestly… or mean like, sure I love you… (you said it meanly which could mean you really don’t and are being sarcastic).

This is why the Werner: The deed does not care who the doer is…. makes most sense. Did you understand what was said and can you explain it to me so that I understand what it means? If you cannot, it does not matter. Did the deal get done? You start using words… without telling me, I know it did not. Because you are using even 1 word rather than “Yes” or “No” being that one word. The words of explaining or rationalization don’t mean anything to me. Sometimes I miss what is said completely as I am stuck on what the person “Really” meant.

Jaytime…. welcome to the Jaytime special. Tonight we discuss 1 item from last Wednesday’s Pow Wowsa, Yowza, Yowzah, Hey!

The man is a Special Man who saw my Dad walk home from the bus to our home. He described him to a tee and since I love and miss my Dad who passed in 2000 and Jay and I had lived 2 homes from each other for a period of 2 years. That was the crossover from the years he was there and when I left home. He stayed for more years in Cinn City that I did when I moved out of my folks home and had 2 families in NJ and when both were over, moved to Philly. So, he had my respect before we met. Now that we have the Pow Wow Rachel… the 22 year old waitress that Jay knows most things about, but cannot get away from her mental clutching.. like a touch last week…ooooze (sorry, that was my leg).

Let’s get down to our Jaytime fact before I get crazy with desire and not for Jay. He told me in a Foreign Country… way to Progressive for the USA with where my Brother lives, California, being the most Progressive State I believe we have in the Union. Hollywood, TV, Movies and so fourth and the way anything went on in San Francisco with Hippy’s, Gays, L,G,B,T and now Q which means “Questioning.” For the sake of time, we hope the Q’s don’t do it for longer than 100 years as their bones won’t answer it at that point.

He told me what I spoke about before and it won’t go. You are put to sleep, the air is taken totally out of the room which causes death… you must wait to ensure your heart will not restart by any means as the person is now, most likely brain dead… so my hope would be that they leave you in for an hour as that is enough time to scramble anyone’s eggs. Lying dead with no air, now a bath of acid comes down and on the metal slab you died on, most likely has holes and he told me none of that, just that acid comes down and with the drain in the floor, you are washed down as goo, not ooze as ooze is reserved for shiney legs.