I am afraid
David Gross

Wow, that felt good. Don’t kid yourself… I not only know what popularity is, but almost had it several times. The 2 divores and 3 girls that are in there 19 to early 30’s hate my guts as I allowed there mothers to steal them from me and nothing can stop the hate including my forgiveness Email. Her life revolved during the short periods The girls came and it did build teamwork.

Wow, if there were people other than friends even reading 1 line of my bunk, I know my age time is older for any money at all. Hard to believe. I must admit I was a fuckin moron for staying in it the past 8 years. No more duty. Leave it for the next life if for any reason there happens to be 1.

I used to be considered a dry type joke guy with no real life. 17 years of being solo will show up somewhere and fuck you up the ass just when you thought you were out of it.

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