Written from the President’s Locker Room

I just grabbed 5 pussies and put 5 tic tacs in my mouth because I have to kiss girls and being the celb. I am, they have to kiss me back. I am now going to introduce a new “Locker Room Word” ::::: “Snatch.”

Sometimes when us Presidential types get the chicks nervous, they don’t want me to use pussy or cunt… but I found this new one that works every time. “I am going to sick my fingers deep into your snatch and pull them by the long curlies.”

My friends, no more need be said. You too will be just like Donald J. Trump. Their Snatches will open so fast, you may not be able to get your fingers back! No joking here.

More to come. And for the last Debate, I have a ton of Bill Clinton Rape Victims lined up because we all know Hillary is responsible for them.

Oh, a bitch is knocking on my car door and her snatch is right up on the window. Gotta run. Donnie.