I can feel it
David Gross

Yes gang. I could only hold him off for 2 weeks… but as the time draws near, I think of all of the lousy appraisal work I have and dream of living the life of a Jay… Free to eat Japanese treats from the sea each and every weekend! I wish I could be him… but then, who would be me? I guess I have to stay me so that there is still a dumb schmuck making other people rich. It used to be OPM or Other People’s Money. Now it’s ATM… not the machine but “All Their Money.” Rest assure my 2 to 3 readers and that is when I am really rolling like a stream… you will know about our meeting which is always fraught with fun and laughs… and then for Jay, a nap. I forgot, he laughs for a couple of times first and I take home 1/2 of my meal. I don’t do that just with Jay. I started about age 45 when I realized I could no longer eat everything and stay svelt. Now, I eat about 1/4 of what I ate and stay around 170. Then… from age 17 to 45… I ate as much as I wanted, weight about 130 and had a size 28 waist. Damn it. The only thing besides vaping that I have left and … I can no longer eat like a pig, but live like a Hollywood Star who worked out… I was not hot, but I was most certainly proud to look into a mirror. Now, I make it like there was a recent death in the family. When someone dies in the religious Jewish family, you cover all of the mirrors for a period of time. I am not quite sure why you would do that rather than covering the picture of the person who died… but one should never question Jewish Law… that is really not true either. One should question Jewish Law, but don’t hold your breath for an answer or you may turn blue! Hasta Manana Jay. There should be a Tilda or Sedil… keep forgetting which puts the accent and which, when put over the “N” makes the “NYA” sound and the end of Manana into Manyanah. I would love to meet a girl named Tilda… then I could confuse her with her Sister, Sedil. OY Vay see ya today!

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