You are as Old as you Feel

When I am asked what way I chose not to leave this Planet… as if I had a choice, I think the worst of Alzheimer’s Disease. To loose all memory is like taking the Library and burning it down.

If I forget all I learned, one could ask: why did you bother learning it in the 1st place. There can be only 1 “Real” answer: the “Experience.” One step forward, 2 steps back… but never an end until it is over.

The one thing I do not understand is why people think their abilities will get better as they get older? Don’t they realize, when you were 20, who even thought 50 was possible. Now looking at that, it becomes 70 or 80. In the end, we are not taking the moment where our energy is the most peak which is now as we all become a day older tomorrow.

Some die at birth and other people live to be 100. If you give up the “Fair” issue, it will help you as there are people living with 30 pound tumors that are living and again, a baby that died before going home. Let’s not even get into Abortion. I am a free thinker, as long as the baby is not mine! Then the opinions of love and never killing anything I had anything to do with comes out. You can have a couple of ways to look: your own situation and others. I allow others what they want, except any baby that has a form and is not a Zygote or beginning being formed, no eyes and head, hands… etc. When I hear about 7 or 8 month abortion… murder in my book… sorry Liberals.