oh well… say goobye before you cannot.

Before I be honest

If you have nothing to gain and everything to lose, why play the game?

This is the question I have unknowingly pondered.

I played the game…

Make sure you say all that is inside of you before you leave.

I am writing for me as I have since I learned how. So what if I can…

I am starting my own Facebook Club for fake Jews or real

I really am a fake Jewish guy as I know more than I ever use in my life…

I hope that we all have a wonderful day, ok?

Just for today.

As the time gets later, I realize it is more than time that I have lost. I may have lost the ability to love an individual as I am focused on a group. Life is so short that I know my time is running out and am grasping in my head.

Because I have had animals, mice and squirrels and birds outside of my window which were caused directly due to me.

Trumbetta is directly due to me.

4 out of 10 of you being mean including my own mother bothers me so much and I think…

Too gay for you to play… not ok as I love to act gay like Frederick Mercury.

Democrats for President

Before I end my publishing non career as I used Medium as a blog. It seems I now have too many people in my non life. Things…

Ain’t got no tows!

g and g here

The new me

Look and see

You and me

We make three

Not more children as somehow I get shafted.

David Gross Lewis

Dave has made a Life Quest to find out the Truth. He then will allow this to lead him to the action.

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