Your Gleeful Liberal Takedown of Hillary Clinton Is Affirming Institutional Sexism

I’m sorry kmassa, but this is a very narrow response to what’s going on, and an attempt at being manipulative I supect. Male or female in Hillary’s shoes would be in the same position. If anything, being female is helping her. As you almost state here, Hillary is establishment politics. Establishment politics is and taking big corporate money so that the candidate is beholden to those corporation is what is attracting the negative verve. Plus, it doesn’t help that she has reversed her positions on many of the subjects to be liked over having good judgement in the first place. Do you REALLY want to continue down this path we’re on? Taking corporate money for our leaders to obtain the corporate interest over the peoples?? That’s what this is about. If you had actual climate change worries, and not just political position with climate change to be liked, then you wouldn’t want bigger business to be calling the shots anymore on environment or the job market. This kind of blog just dig Hillary in a deeper hole. - Thanks for keeping us on our toes though. — - No, I’m anything but sexist, thanks.

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