Build a simplest forum website (part 1)

Recently, I just started a challenge, same as title of this article(but the features gonna be much less). Meanwhile this challenge, I’m also keep recording what I have done in Youtube.

All code is hosted in github. If you are interested, you can build the website with me.

The features will only be the must-haves.
Five pages and allow user comments, send posts, up vote, down vote.

What I have done so far:

  1. Provide the authentication(Sign up, Log in, finished in Day 1) But haven’t integrated with front-end.
  2. Setting up develop environment for back-end and front-end, Node.js and React, powered by Webpack and Babel(finished in Day 2).
  3. Provide front-end routing (finished in Day 3).

In Day 3:

One basic foundation of single page application is the client side routing, which provide user the new page without refresh the browser. Just finished this part with React router.

To be done:

  1. Deploy: The site gonna be deployed to a server in day 7.
  2. Styling: At least some basic styling. Will do it in day 6.
  3. Back-end: Provide the ability to save and provide posts, comments in back-end.
  4. Front-end: Implement pages. Will do it today.

Again, all code is hosted in Github repo, any help(issues, pull request, etc) would be appreciated!

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