- Another mass shooting

- More children murdered

- Outrage over regularity of the horror

- Expressions of pent-up anger

- Emotionally charged speeches by politicians

- Expressions of unbearable grief

- Politicians demanding immediate action

- Calls for background checks

- Calls for gun registration

- Calls for assault weapons bans

- Calls for ‘red flag’ laws

- Calls to challenge the gun lobby

- Rationales to protect the Second Amendment

- Rationales to protect open carry laws

- Rationales to arm teachers

- Finger-pointing among politicians

- Press reports on troubled shooter

- Release of latest data on mass shootings

- Release of latest data on gun sales

- Calls for better mental health counseling

- More unbearable grief at emotional funerals

- Citizens demanding immediate action

- Passage of time

- No significant change in laws or attitudes

- Another mass shooting

- More people murdered

- More carnage

- More outrage

- More calls for the madness to end

- Again, and again, and again



David Guilbault

David Guilbault

Former television news producer for ABC News, CNN and Current singer-songwriter and political and social commentator.