publicly made fun of some of the code I posted. This was at a time where I was still junior. It took away my confidence in my coding ability for awhile.
What Happens When You Want to Retire from GitHub
Heather Arthur

Thanks for your time to write and publish the story!

Let’s break the above down:

  • You spent your life time and publish it for free
  • Some publicly make fun of it

This is not about „juniors“ and „established“ – this is about valuation. Value people and emotions.

9-out-of-10 the people who hold the least stakes and interest, have the very best recommendations. If they are so good they surely will publish their solution so we can compete ideas. Or maybe they will not. I cannot actively change what they think and say and how they behave. Why should I keep myself busy with those?

Just watch a sports broadcast on TV. This is how life goes: there are experts, moderators, commentators, pundits, spectators, bystanders, coaches, referees, and more and more and more … everybody knows the game … oh, and there are also players on the court! :-)

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