Why did I join WhiteSource?

Originally posted on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-did-i-join-whitesource-david-habusha).

This week I joined WhiteSource as VP of Product. Given my background in cybersecurity and enterprise software, I always used open source software to deliver products and services to my customers and seen its rising adoption. I overlooked the complexity that comes with it.

WhiteSource solves a huge problem at the right time, with the right team and the right vision.

A huge problem at the right time

Today, 85% of commercial software vendors rely on open source and we’re at a point where 70% of the software being shipped is compiled of open source components.

According to Forrester, 80% of developers used open source in their applications in the past year.

Taking that into consideration, I didn’t have to read analyst’s reports to experience these problems first hand.

The company I founded, MyPermissions, a world leader in the consumer privacy space, is monitoring security and privacy issues in mobile applications. When the Heartbleed vulnerability was discovered, we saw thousands of mobile app developers using OpenSSL in panic, urging to release updates. Believe it or not, some of these apps are still using old versions of OpenSSL and are still vulnerable…

In the cyber world, you are as strong as your weakest link. While you perceivably control your own code, you can’t allow a 3rd party open source software to make yourself vulnerable.

I was involved in 2 M&A deals in which open source license caveats were overlooked.

In the first case, we were on the buyer side of a small startup that developed a complementary solution to ours. They provided an open source database for commercial distribution.

The other deal, I was on the seller side …

Needless to say, both deals failed due diligence. Open source licensing was the main reason.

The right time

With the vast adoption of open source, the rise of modern DevOps and automation (CI/CD), companies are looking for open source management solutions.

It is not a coincidence that WhiteSource achieved a record revenue in H1 2017, reporting a 340% YoY growth! Forrester ranked WhiteSource’s current offering as the strongest among all Software Composition Analysis (SCA) offerings in its 2017 WAVE report.

WhiteSource’s is already providing a great value for world leading organizations such as Comcast, AutoDesk, Financial Times and many others. This list is only the beginning. The potential is huge.

The right team

WhiteSource has been in operation since 2011. Rami, Ron and Azi took the company from a bootstrapped small startup to an established company with fortune 500 customers. It required a lot of dedication, passion and hard work. During the last year the company succeeded in bringing a very strong executive team which I’m proud to be part of.

The right vision

WhiteSource is a leader in the open source industry. We’re now in a challenge to expand and fully automate all open source management processes. That spans from assisting developers in picking up open source components to actively monitoring these components in production environments.

When I look at WhiteSource, it has everything: disruptive technology, domain experts, competitive spirit, and a great vision.

Can’t wait to change the way companies manage their open source software!