I’ve thought allot about polarization and conversations that goes on online. It’s troubled me enough to study it. When Covid started I created a meetup group that met three times a week for many many months and talked about current events. Anyone was welcome. There were arguments, blowups, and people…

I get calls from UT Austin looking for donations from Alumni about once a year. I could be a significant donor as I do set aside funds for this kind of thing. A few times the student calling was an interesting conversation, genuinely interested in talking to someone about what…

Hands, Brains, and the Force (well not really)


When you look at your hands you are confronted by something nature gave you, something that you didn’t “make” or “design”. Natural selection made it. If you had made it, it might look like a robot actuator customized for you with…

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning need:

  1. lots of data
  2. people willing to provide lots of data while things don’t work very well

Machines that can learn like we do also need:

  1. image recognition
  2. voice to text
  3. text understanding
  4. robotic interaction ( mobility, arm actuators, screens, etc. )
  5. a re-inforcment learning…

I think of this:

What most people do with the internet:

  1. Share funny or commonplace things on Facebook and Twitter
  2. News
  3. Buy stuff
  4. Search Google for something you have a question about
  5. Talk or video-conference

What most people don’t know:

  1. You can post something to the internet and, if you…

“What you seek is what is seeking you.” — Rumi

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” — Paulo Coelho

“When the Student Is Ready the Teacher Will Appear” — Zen Proverb

The Problem

Think of your life. The path its taken. Along the way…

I was in a discussion on AI and someone asked me if movies on AI were right. My answer surprised me a little in its implications. Hollywood doesn’t have the imagination to predict the future past about a decade and neither do we for that matter.

My reasoning comes from…

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Programming, science, technology, psychology, AI, startup developer, visualization maker, and natural language processing data science.

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