Be clear about what happened to Keith Ellison
Matt Bruenig

Let’s be clear about what happened to Ellison. He somewhat narrowly lost an election. That’s how elections work. When you get the support from the majority, you win. He did not.

Is it really surprising that someone supported by the Democratic establishment won an election from people who work within the party? Why does anyone find that surprising? If there is anything that the people who make up the voting members of the party respect it’s service to the party. The thing they absolutely do NOT support is a group spending the entire year attacking them.

What’s amazing is how you openly admit that this was a “hostile takeover” (your words), but consider it some kind of betrayal that the insiders who have actually spent decades trying to build the party are actually fighting back against a hostile takeover.

What’s really amazing though is how much the progressives misunderstand exactly what the role of the chair actually is. I’ts a largely office job about getting candidates across the country. He or she does not in any way set party policy. The people who run for office do that. If you want to affect that party’s policies, you help to elect Democrats to office nationwide. You don’t do it by calling them criminals and corrupt.

And what’s the very first thing that Perez did? He appointed Ellison the deputy chair. And Ellison himself called for Unity. What’s amazing to me is how quickly some progressives turn on the people they were fighting for when those leaders actually LEAD and call for unity. Sadly, they’ll accept nothing less than total surrender from anyone, or they’ll keep throwing the kinds of tantrums in this article.

But, hey, let’s keep on attacking the Democrats as the enemy, helping our real enemies win!

Exactly how is this an effective way to fight Trump?

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