Does fake news on Facebook make smart people stupid?
Thomas O'Duffy

Excellent insights, Thomas! We all need either reminding ourselves of or keeping in mind our own biases as we hopefully sceptically read ‘news’. I hope Zuckerberg’s Facebook ‘Borg’ algorithm machine assimilates your suggestions. A bias towards educating people while stimulating and bringing out the best in people’s natures (i.e true education) is the algorithm to bring the world up to a new stage in our species’ civilisation. Recently I’ve been persuaded to get my news from ‘RealClearWorld’ (just google it) as it aggregates the most important news (not the sensational tabloid kind) and presents both positive and negative viewpoints from a global perspective, so I feel I’m getting a balanced viewpoint — but it may just be my cognitive bias playing tricks on me :) Anyway, thanks again!

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