David Haselwood | Things You Should Throw Away for Your Health

1. Plastic Containers

You will find these plastic containers in abundance in every household. And, this is the first thing that needs to be thrown away. We tend to accumulate so many of these plastic containers without thinking that these have some harmful chemicals in them. Bisphenol S and Bisphenol A are some of the chemicals that can disrupt the endocrine system of our body.

2. Air Fresheners

Do you know that air fresheners have lots of chemicals in them, which can actually lead to Cancers and other grave issues? So, it’s time to throw away those chemical-rich air fresheners from your home. And, if you want to spread fragrance in your house, you can make your own air fresheners at home, with the help of essential oils, herbs, flowers and spices.

3. Kitchen Sponges

We tend to overuse the kitchen sponges. These absorb so much of dirt during the cleaning up process. In spite of washing them thoroughly after every clean-up activity, some bacteria and germs remain in them. So, in order to stay healthy and keep your family healthy, recycle your kitchen sponges every fortnight. Also, keep washing the sponge regularly in hot boiling water so that the dirt and the germs are removed from them.

4. Antibacterial Soaps to Stay Healthy

Just because the soap has a tag of being antibacterial, it does not necessarily mean that it protects one from bacteria and germs. These soaps actually have chemicals called triclosan, parabens, BPA, chloride and others that can actually cause thyroid related problems. It can also lead to weight gains, allergies and other inflammatory problems.

5. Old and Frayed Toothbrushes

Though we can see that our toothbrushes are becoming worn out, we get so attached to them that we refuse to throw them and replace them. A worn out toothbrush does not serve its purpose at all. It will not clean the teeth and will also not be able to remove the plaque from the teeth. As per dental experts, one needs to replace the toothbrush once every two months. Also, wash it properly and keep it dry, so that bacteria and mold don’t start growing on them.

6. Cosmetics

We have loads of cosmetics inside our closets. Not just women, but men also use a lot of cosmetics these days. From sunscreens to shampoos, lipsticks to nail polishes, powders, eyeliners, lip glosses and so many other beauty products that make us look good, we pay less attention to the amount of chemicals present in them. These might have Arsenic, lead, thallium, etc. Throw away these cosmetics and opt for the ones that have natural oils in them. All those liquid makeup items have a tendency to absorb bacteria. These need to be discarded too after three months too. Also, make sure that the products are thrown away soon after the expiry date is reached.

7. Non-Stick Cookware

One of the most popular items in the kitchen is the non-stick cookware. When these are used regularly, the Teflon coating on them starts breaking down. And, this leads to the release of gas and other toxic particles. The fumes produced from the overheated non-stick cookware can cause flu and tumors. So, just throw away these fancy cookware and choose the cast iron cookware instead. This will also give an extra dose of iron without causing harmful and toxic fumes.

8. Discard The Old Clothes

When you open your cupboard, do many of your old clothes stare back at you? A lot of people have a habit of stacking old jeans, which have either become too tight or too loose due to weight gain or weight loss. It is better to get rid of such clothes so that they don’t give you panic attacks. In fact, when you clean your cupboard, you will know which clothes are not being worn by you in the last 12 months. These can be easily discarded. Also, you need to regularly replace your undergarments. Don’t wear stretched-out garments, as they fail to serve their purpose.

9. Replace The Old Running Shoes

Though you need to run for your health, if you run with your old worn-out shoes, it will end up damaging your feet. You need to replace these shoes after you have run around 400 miles. The worn-out shoes cannot absorb shocks anymore and this can lead to more force being transmitted by bones, muscles and tendons, which can lead to injuries. Not just that, you will also start facing problems with your knees, feet and back. As soon as you feel that your shoes are not that comfortable or supportive anymore, go for a replacement.

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