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Hillary will appoint at least one supreme court judge and even one will tip balance and overturn Heller vs Washington dc

Right now 4 judges believe it is the citizens right to bear arms

4 judges intentionally misinterpret that is the militia right to bear arms

Justice Ginsburg has stated will revisit Heller with any opportunity to overturn it

you will not have the right to bear arms, registration and confiscation will occur afterwards and occur slowly, any city or state without 2nd amendment protection can ban handguns rifles shotguns as they wish with no recourse in court system

If you think this will lead to better world just look back in history of what happens after gun confiscation Germany china Russia Cambodia Cuba and on and on. Even in our own country guns confiscated from native Americans and blacks

I myself will not surrender my arms, I swore an oath to defend the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic when was a soldier in US Army. I hold that oath and am willing to lay down my life. I am sure there are many many others who will stand with me.

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