Working in Drupal is a real job, really?!
Paul Johnson

Couldn’t agree more Paul, great article. While Drupal is an increasingly good fit for enterprise and government projects that seek a professional solution, it is also an amazing connector of people through projects, code and chiefly experience. For many it is finding a platform and world in which they can thrive. More definitely could be done to share the individuals, diverse projects and creative locations and places that people are using and developing Drupal. I think your celebrate the 8 project was a great example of this, but a simple postcard news wall that’s quickly accessible from the main site homepage could be an easy way for people to post and engage. While that could be found on dedicated social platforms like Instagram, Drupal also needs its own content and posts that it can inject and curate into pages across the site contextually. Can we get a picture from every Drupal project/developer of what they are doing right now… I think you’re onto something… keep pushing it

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