I’m not diminishing the over-the-top actions of a paltry few Christian “extremists.”
Alexander Mitchell

Very few religions can claim non-violence and Christianity is certainly not one of them. In point of fact there are a number of Christian based terrorist organizations, roughly eight of them have the same scale of ability as ISIS. I would suggest doing ones homework, there are multiple sources but here’s one to start you off …


The rest you can look up on your own. I’ve done my my part in opening your eyes.

A couple of them are just as bad as ISIS others are well on their way. Some are as bad as Hitler ever was. No, 45 is not Hitler or Mussolini — yet. The parallels are there and with some of the quiet background maneuvering to curtail protests (part of your 1st Amendment right) we are as a nation moving towards a police state. Add in the information blackouts, need to control the press … name me a better comparison than those two individuals.

Additionally several of those organizations in the US are stockpiling and infiltrating militias with the express intend of being ready to defend the kingdom of god against the godless.

It doesn’t demean the Holocaust or its tragedy at all when the comparison is made what it should say to people is this “We remember and we will never allow this to happen again”

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