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  • Frank van Beuzekom

    Frank van Beuzekom

    Beyond the buzzwords. Co-Founder of the Climate Vertical @ FoundersLane.

  • Ryan Singer

    Ryan Singer

    Founder of Felt Presence | Software Designer, Advisor, Product Strategist | Author of Shape Up: Stop Running in Circles and Ship Work that Matters

  • Des Traynor

    Des Traynor

    Co-founder of @Intercom. I write at http://blog.intercom.com I use Medium to share pieces I enjoy.

  • Chris Spiek

    Chris Spiek

    I help teams build great products by focusing on demand. Popularized the Jobs-to-be-Done framework. Product Strategy at Auth0. Founded The Re-Wired Group.

  • Bob Moesta

    Bob Moesta

    Demanding & Relentless Designer, Inventor, Businessman; Milkshake Man! work w/ Clay @ HBS; Architect of Jobs-to-be-Done Framework; Dad of 4 Husband of 23 yrs

  • Jack "chendo" Chen

    Jack "chendo" Chen

    Problem solver. Gadget enthusiast. Tinkerer. Co-founder of Assembly Four / Switter.

  • Erin Chan

    Erin Chan

    Co-founder and CPO @ Rhenti | Shopify alum | wife & mother of a toddler who does what he wants

  • Ed Chao

    Ed Chao

    Design at Apple. Previously Dropbox. Always learning. http://thatedchao.com

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