The Heavy-Lifting of Capturing Hearts and Minds

It is simultaneously terrifying and indescribably liberating. That’s how I feel about this whole notion of whittling down the entirety of my life’s work into a 20–25 frame slidedeck.

But here’s the thing: that work, that essence of who I am, that purpose I have been given while here on this ball of dirt, for me it doesn’t mean a whole lot unless others are benefiting from it.

And those benefits cannot take physical form unless others — — in my case “others” means companies and organizations — — welcome me into their world for the purpose of experiencing that *thing*, that unique benefit that I can provide.

But there’s a rub.

All of that — the welcoming and the benefits, etc., etc. — can only happen if companies and organizations somehow learn that they exist and can do something meaningful for them and their people.

And at this moment in time THAT part can only happen by me telling them a tight, little story that grabs their interest by (a) letting them know I *get* their problem, (b) reframing that problem in a manner that if infinitely more solvable, and then © capturing their hearts and minds through a tantalizing image of what could be as a result of inviting me on board.

So that’s what you see here. Right now it’s just a stack of paper and Post-it notes (anyone else have #PostItObsession like me?). But it constitutes the skeleton of that tight little story.

It’s one I soo can’t wait to start telling.

Stay tuned! ♥️️ ~d